Person Selector

You'll find all of your candidate records in the person selector, and you'll be able to update them there. You can also run Reports, search for Candidates, generate Stored Searches and Selections, send Notifications, and Mail Merges from this page.

Finding Candidates

The person selector is the best place to search for your Candidate Records.

Search Criteria

Search Criteria is used to filter your search to make it more accurate.

Stored Selections and Searches

This is where you would save your searches - Stored Selections saves the returned list of Candidates from your search - and Stored Searches saves your Search Criteria

Adding a new Candidate

With the person selector, you can add your new Candidates onto IQX

Sending Mail Merges

IQX's mail merge feature can be used to send bulk emails to a selection of candidates similar to newsletters

Sending Notifications

The Notification system provides a mechanism for candidates to be notified of key events relating to vacancies, placements and shifts, by means of HTML email or SMS text.

Candidate reports

The Reports tab provides you with a list of all the reports that can be run from the Person Selector.

Bulk CV Import

The Bulk CV Import tab allows you to upload a large amount of CV's in one action.

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