The Notification system provides an alternative way of communicating with clients, candidates and secondary agencies. Like the mail merge system you can send groups or individuals emails or sms messages using substitutable merge fields and have standard attachments linked but unlike the mail merge system notifications uses HTML emails which can be branded for your agency and include images (without the need to use Word). It is also possible to create Outlook Appointment direct from the notification, particularly useful for interviews or external client meetings. The creation of a template is all that is required to 'switch on' each notification mechanism, the templates require System Administrator set up. In some cases a Notification will appear automatically, in others they are called by the Notification Icon .

Where notifications can be sent from

Below are the locations that notifications can be sent from, please note they will need to be set up by your System Administrator:





Temp Desk




Users can now send Bulk Notifications from certain areas within IQX. This means users will be able to to send the same notification to multiple people in one go with the relevant attachments.

Bulk notifications can be sent from the Person Selector, Company Contact Selector, Vacancy Selector and Placement Selector as well as the following Temp Desk views; Vacancies, Temps, Placements, Vacancy Shifts, Timesheets, Expiry Dates and Compliance.

Using Notifications

It is possible to have more than one template for each notification type, if more than one has been created the notification will open and the user will need to select the template they want to use. Clicking on the drop down arrow will show the available templates and whether they will be sent by sms or email.

If only one template is available it will automatically load ready for the user to check and send.

The aim of notifications is to speed up standard contact and recording of contact events as attachments can be picked up automtically, merge fields can be used to personalise the messages with candidate/client names, shift or interview dates and times etc and contact events logged without the user having to do anything. However it is possible to make amendments to individual notifications if required.

  1. The email address is the default address of the record connected to the notification, it can be changed here if required using the Add and Remove buttons. It is possible to search for other email addresses in the database by clicking Add then selecting the elipses button. Users will be given the option to add the email just to the notification they are on or all notifications.
  2. The subject is picked up from the notification template but can be amended here.
  3. The comment will be added at the end of the template message on every notification.
  4. This is the template text including any merge fields with the users email signature attached.
  5. Attachments can be set by the system administrator to be picked up automatically either from a directory or a document of a particular type on a record e.g. company information or contract. Additional documents can be added at this point using the File, CV or Documents buttons. 2.22.2+ if the company you are sending documents for is linked it is now possible to pick up documents from all linked companies not just the one you are on.
  6. If you want to add a note to just one of the notifications use this button, you can use the buttons at the top (7) to scroll to the one that you want to add the note to.
  7. The Previous and Next buttons allow you to scroll through each notification to check the details before sending.
  8. If set up by the system administrator contact events can be automatically logged when the notification is sent, just ensure the box is ticked.
  9. The Expand button enables users to access any linked record e.g. candidate, company or vacancy. Helpful if you just want to check a quick detail before sending.
  10. Users can choose to send notifications either one at a time using the Send button or all at once using the Send All button.
  11. If you require to keep a PDF copy of a notification for audit purposes click the Save to Docs button, if the location you are sending the notification from has links to more than one place e.g. placement or vacancy you will first be asked to select where they want to save the file before seeing the usual save file window. The file will then be saved to the documents view of the relevant record.
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