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  • Either use an Add Timesheet button or Expand a Provisional in the Timesheets tab.

  • Make sure the correct Vacancy and Candidate’s details are selected. They will be displayed in the header bar in the following format: W2004/35 Timesheet for ‘Candidate’ as ‘Position’ at ‘Company’.

  • A Shift view appears showing the shifts that the candidate was expected to work. If there are any changes to be made, edit the shifts in the relevant fields (eg. From / To / Break etc) and enter any comment in the comment box if needed. An additional line may be added by clicking the Add button, and editing the new line manually. The total hours at the bottom will be entered by default into the Units Paid on the next form.

  • Check the units in the Units Paid column. It is possible to change the units paid – a warning may be displayed that the units do not match those of the shifts. The Rates of Pay are retrieved from the placement record. You can only Add rates at this stage if you have the rights.

  • When you have checked that the details are correct, click on the Next button. A screen is then displayed with client, candidate and placement details.
  • Check the details, and make any necessary changes. Any changes to client or Candidate will update the master records. Click on the Save Provisional button to save this timesheet for further editing, or click on the Finish button to complete the timesheet.
  • A popup message is displayed, showing the timesheet number. Make a note of this and write it on the candidate’s paper timesheet.
  • Click OK and the timesheet appears in black on the Timesheet tab. Thereafter it cannot be edited, only deleted. You are offered the option of recreating it as a Provisional, which can then be completed correctly.

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