General Settings

These are divided into seven areas. These can be filtered by selecting the appropriate Group.


Some of the General Settings: For value enter a Y or N to turn on or off

  • Remove Spaces from Keynames - This affects the order of selections. Ie. Zoe Yo would be either YOZOE OR YO ZOE. With space means surnames stay together in lists.
  • Show Applicant Number on Grid
  • Company Person Address - Do you want to include a Person’s Company Position and/or Department in correspondence Addresses when you write letters?
  • Desk Top Diary appearance settings
  • Person States Treated as Current – governs appearance on the Person Selector
  • Allow a consultant to be allocated to a Company


  • Make Registration Numbers Read only
  • Show temps by default in company contact view


It is possible to configure the terminology to match the way your Company uses it.
For example: If you refer to your Client Companies as 'Businesses' set the singular of Company to Business and the plural to Businesses. Then all labels in the program which used the word 'Company' will be changed to use 'Business'.
Vacancy Notes – can be renamed, eg Web Description Secondary Notes - If this field is filled an extra Notes view with that heading will appear on the Person Details form. The view could be used for bulletin notes, general description, etc.


Colours for the forms can be changed for the database as a whole, but not for individual users. Use the Get Colour button to select a new shade.

Background colours can be changed according to the record state: click here

Company or person font colours can be changed according to the record state: click here


Settings for the use of the Sales Ledger e.g. for Default credit days and the maximum allowed.


Settings for Temps Payroll behaviour, Timesheet behaviour, restrictions on editing, switching on and off various functionality.

Email and Telephony

To make the best use of the electronic capabilities of an Agency the IT manager must set up the appropriate information. These should be set under the supervision of the IQX Installation staff They control emailing, faxing by email and SMS messaging by email.

Switchable Fields

It is possible to add an extra three columns to the Company, Person and Vacancy selectors. Each column is defined here. This should be done under the supervision of the IQX Installation staff.

Programmable Buttons

Custom buttons may be added in: Vacancy, Person, Recipient, Company and Contact views. To add a button go into General Settings, and select Programmable Buttons in the Group drop down. The caption specifies what will be displayed on the button label. The script is what will be executed when the button is clicked.

If you need help programming the button please contact IQX support. This may be chargeable.

Terminology for Entered label on completed timesheets

The Terminology For the Entered label on completed timesheets can be customised.

The terminology can be changed via Maintenance - General Settings - Settings - Terminology - 790.

Open a completed timesheet to view the revised terminology.

Ability to Block Extra States of Clients

A new switch has been added to allow the blocking of certain Client States from the pick lists when adding a new vacancy.

Then access – Maintenance – General Settings – Switchable Fields – No 2800 and insert the Company states that will be blocked.

The Company State codes are in Maintenance - Agency Setup - Company States.

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