I am trying to cancel a shift but it won't let me

A 'worked' shift cannot be cancelled. This means that there is a completed timesheet associated with this shift.

Within a vacancy or candidate diary, if you right click on the shift that is showing as worked then there will be no option to cancel.

Looking at the Shifts view from the Temp Desk, filter and then click on the shift in question to select it. View the details below. If it is showing as State WORKED then it means there is a timesheet. Click on Expand Timesheet and use the Cancel / Correct facility. See Editing Timesheets for more information.

Once the timesheet is cancelled, the shift will return to an un-worked (provisional or confirmed) state that can then be cancelled in the usual way. See How to cancel a filled shift for more information.

It is possible to set up a Shift Cancel Reason to be used when you cancel a timesheet, so that it is done when cancelling the timesheet. Maintenance> General Settings> Temps> 76

The value entered is the single character ID for the relevant Shift Cancel Reason in Temp Setup.

Consider carefully the actions related to the shift cancel reasons, and tick the relevant options according to how you want the cancelled shifts to be handled.

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