Occasionally reports may be replaced and require deleting in order to clean up the reports list and store.

  • Assuming you have the required Rights, open the selector screen where the report is to be removed from. This example uses the 'Person List (Basic)' report in the Person selector screen.
  • Open the Person selector form, on the left pane click the Reports tab, scroll down to the report 'Person List (Basic)', and click on the Edit tab.
  • This will bring up the browse box with the filename Person List (Basic).rtm, if this is not stored in the Reports Directory Store, it will show the filename and path to it, it might look like the following……C:\MyReports\Person List (Basic).rtm, write this down if not the same as the description name. You need to know the report file name in order to remove the report from the report store in the next step.
  • Click on Cancel, highlight the required report again and click the Delete tab, the report is now gone from the list. You will need to remove this file from the Reports Directory Store

Warning - Make sure it is the correct filename you delete.
You may wish to leave the report file in the report store if there is a possibility that others use this report.

See also
8.1 Find the report Directory.

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