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Vacancy AWR
The AWR settings for new Vacancies are inherited from the Company record but can be edited directly if they differ from the company standard. If the company has no AWR information the vacancy AWR will be blank.
Fields should be updated or altered BEFORE qualification is reached by any temps against that vacancy.
Any time that checks have been made with the client, update the Checked Date.

AWR Status
If the status is blank, Not Known or AWR Applies then, when a shift booking or placement is made for the vacancy an AWR Role record will be made and the fields will appear on the Placement AWR settings.
If the state is AWR Not Applicable then the Placement will have NO AWR or AWR Linked Placement views.
After a booking, placement or shift exists then use the Person AWR Role to update.

Rate Schemes
There is an extra column, similar to the exiting Grade column, to indicate if a row is to be used for AWR or not: AWR?
If a Y is entered, the line will be used once the Role is AWR Qualified.
If an N is entered, the line will only be used up to the point of AWR Qualification.
A title ending in a question mark meansthat the answer must be Y or N.
Blanks will not look for any match and only one line should use all blanks. Y will find a match and use the line. N will block a lack of match to use that line.
Rate Scheme
In the illustration above:

  • line 5 is used without looking for any match and is the default that is used when none of the others match.
  • Lines 1 and 3 are for NOT AWR Qualified.
  • Lines 2 and 4 are for when it IS AWR Qualified.

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