By default the main screen of IQX will have a Grey background. This can be customised. To add a new background (wallpaper or company logo) simply add a picture file entitled IQX.bmp to the program directory (Where the IQX.exe file is located).

If the image you supply is smaller than the IQX window, the image will be tiled. If all your users use the same screen resolution, then you can simply provide a suitable sized image. If however you have a range of screen resolutions in use, it may be more effective to provide a relatively small image, which is tiled many times (eg 90×90 pixels) as this may give a tidier effect.

Remember that if you use IQX in a thin client environment such as Citrix or Terminal Server, a background image should only use colours supported in that environment (for reasons of performance many thin clients are configured to use a very limited coulour selection). On the whole we would not recommend using a background image in this senario as it may have some impact on performance.

Note: The image file will be viewed by all users if the application is accessed via a shortcut on the users system. If IQX is installed locally then the image is required to be installed on all systems wishing to see it.

From version Background image can now be stored in the database. Maintenance> Agency SetUp> Branch Images. Images can be set for Default Image and for branches.

Note: You may need to restart IQX after selecting a new background image.

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