Release 2.17.8

E-signatures can now be requested for clients and candidates using Rpost software.

This functionality requires system administrator set up and Rpost sign up.

Please contact IQX for further information.

In preparation for the implementation of the GDPR regulations we have been working toward limiting casual access to personal data.

Complete bank account numbers can be obscured. Users will be able to see the last four digits of the account number for confirmation purposes.

There is now the ability to save a photo before replacing. When Archived Photo is used the photo will be added to documents as an archived Jpg.

Candidates working in more than one location with clients who are not set up for e-timesheets can still complete all their timesheets online through iqxWeb.

In Temp Desk – Shifts the filter can select more than one desk.

Select Multiple from the Desk drop down menu and chose the required temp desks from those available.

Selecting any element opens a dialog box to allow setting all filters before refreshing selection.

In Vacancy – Shortlist the Person State and Rejection Reasons are set to show permanently by default. In addition, the switchable State Pre Vac Filled column has been renamed to Pre Filled State.

In Desktop – Progress due for Action the Person state column is set to show permanently.

A new question grouping has been added to the General Placement questionnaire -4 which will be seen in the placement headline.

Only a user with Manager rights can answer or edit these questions in placement.

A new role has been added to User – Roles - 'Can edit end date of Contract Placements',

With this role ticked the user can edit the end dates of Contract Placements. All users will still be able to edit the end dates of non-contract placements.

Please Note: This role is unticked as a default, to set this role for all users please use the Bulk Add Role in user maintenance.

Deletion of another user’s favourites and notes has been limited to Users with Manager rights.

Where a user does not have the rights to modify a record the delete button is greyed out.

Users can still add favourites to another user’s record and this is now audited.

Where a user deletes their own favourites, this is also audited.

Access to an alternative windows folder has been added within iqx for situations where working with MS Word the standard windows temp folder is unsuitable or causing issues.

The alternative folder is accessed by inserting the following code into the ini file.


To set up this functionality set Maintenance – General Settings – Temps 1120 - 'Create e-timesheets if candidate has a web login' to Y and ensure the candidate has a web login.

Note - the relevant Temp Desks need to be set up for E-timesheets via Temp Desk Setup - Temp Desk - Allow eTimesheet Complete = 1.

To obscure bank account numbers go to Maintenance – General Settings – Privacy – Star start of Bank Account Number and set the values to ‘Y’.

Once signed up with Rpost set up each user via:

Maintenance - General Settings – Email/Telephony 340 – Allow E-signatures on Documents. - Y

Maintenance – User – Layout Settings – Can send e-signatures

Maintenance – Agency Setup – Document templates – identify documents for E-sign.

To have the completed documents signed and dated in the correct places rpost tag fields each document will require some or all of these Rpost tag fields

«Name1», «Title1», «Date1», «Signature1» for multiple signatories the 1 is replaced with 2 and so on. (see Step 1: Document Preparation - page 4 in rpost.pdf).

Note only users with the above role will see document templates tagged as e-sign. Therefore, separate templates will have to be created for user without this functionality.

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