IQXanywhere is IQX delivered as a hosted service, i.e. Software as a Service or SaaS.

It is run entirely in a web browser, so no client installation or server installation is required.

It incorporates all the standard IQX features, including iqxWeb and an IQXHub for running scheduled jobs.

Browser hosting requires a change to the way built in word processing works since it is not possible to take control of Microsoft Word, as the conventional IQX does. Instead there is a basic word processor within the program, combined with the ability to download and upload documents, so that they can be edited locally if needed.

Access is gained using either a Google or Microsoft email account. Both Google and Microsoft are gold standard providers of the oauth2 authentication mechanism which is used to confirm that the logging-in user is the owner of the email address and at the same time allow them to give permission for IQX to access their Gmail or Microsoft email account. It does NOT allow Google or Microsoft to access their IQX data. And it does not allow them into IQX unless the logging-in email address is a current user within the IQX database (which can be blocked at any time if needed). This also means that IQX does not store any user credentials, preventing compromising of the Google and/or Microsoft account. We never see Google and/or Microsoft login as it’s done directly on Google's / Microsoft' servers - not ours.

This article explains this quite well -

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