Links to Social Networking

Set up:

Maintenance> Agency Setup> Phone Types

Add relevant Social Media that your agency will use (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype) for each record type you want it to be available (Company, Contact, Person). Make sure it is given the correct capability ie. 'M' and Social Media Type in the last column.

Setting Up Phone Types

There is a new tab on a person record (Get In Touch or different terminology if customised by your agency). On company and company contacts, the social media addresses are contained underneath the other contact types.

Adding a Social Media address

If there is an address entered of that phone type, there will then be a corresponding button at the top of the form. Clicking on this button will take you directly to their social media page.

Social Media Buttons

On a company record, if there are Social Media addresses of the same type for both the company and the contact, you will be prompted to select which one on pressing the button:

Social Media Button - company or contact

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