Company Record Checked Date

This should be updated whenever AWR information has been checked or updated with the client.

An Agency can set extra questions to show here in the AWR screen by giving the question a group of -20 but they will NOT be passed onto Vacancies and Placements. If marked to be audited, these will be shown in the standard audit view not the AWR audit view.

For bulk entry by Super Users - there is a new job in the Reports folder that will allow for multiple companies to be updated with the same information. Make a selection, Open the job from reports and complete the information for each field, it will be applied to all the selected companies, with an audit record of who ran the job and when.

Enter Closure Period Button
Company closures that Pause the AWR qualification period e.g. school holidays, will be entered by Company using the Enter Closure Period button on the AWR view.
Enter Closure Period
For every week/period that the date range covers an entry will be made to ensure that all vacancies with that company will be Paused for the period.
Select the Type and enter the dates and NOTES as to why the shut down is happening.

For Super users to do this in bulk – make a stored selection of the Companies that have the same closure dates. Retrieve the selection and run a Bulk Update Job from the Reports view.

Linked Companies Button
Will show a list of the other companies that have the same LECode or advise if there are no other linked companies.

AWR Closures screen
This screen shows all closures entered for the company. If entered by mistake they can be checked to be ignored. You need to add to notes to confirm why they are being ignored for audit purposes.
AWR Closures
Any changes made to AWR screens are audited and there is a new AWR Audit Trail view for users who have the relevant roles assigned.
Company Record Page

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