What is/can be installed

  1. Sybase Database Server tools - Set of server tools to maintain and administer the IQX SQL Anywhere database i.e. DBUnload and DBUpgrade utilities.
  2. Sybase Database Service - Installs the IQX SQL Anywhere service for your IQX database
  3. IQX Program Files - Installs the IQX Main program and associated files
  4. SQL Anywhere 16 Administration Tools - Installs a set of Sybase administration tools which includes ISQL and Sybase Central
  5. Database Client tools - ODBC drivers, IQX Database client
  6. Borland Database Engine - Installs the BDE
  7. IQX Program shortcuts - Creates Menu and desktop shortcut icons to start IQX, ISQL and Sybase Central
  8. Word Interface - Installs the Word Macro

Step-By-Step Guide to a Client Installation

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