• Set the criteria in the top margin, such as department for candidates, or whether you want to search for Temps, Perms or Either.
  • If required, select Hints to show the headlines of the two areas that criteria can be placed in (“All of” and “Any of”)
  • Click on the Criteria button to bring up the criteria used for searching.
  • The Questionnaire appears for the Department you selected, above base data fields. Double click or drag-and-drop to select the criteria and select skills from the drop down lists.

  • Click on the Search button to find that records that match the criteria you selected.


  • All of means that the records must have these codes to be included in the search results.
  • Any of means that the records must have at least one of these codes.

Search hints are enabled by default. To disable them see here

Amending your search

  • To move a selected criteria to the other section of the search screen, click on the description of the criteria (not the grey box) and drag and drop to the other area.

  • The Clear button will clear ALL criteria from the screen.
  • To remove just one criteria drag and drop it back into the Searchable Criteria box (click on the description of the criteria ie. 'Previously Worked At' to do this)
  • If you want to change the search to include a NOT query, click on the grey box next to the description.

Searching FAQs
Saving People Search results.
Saving Search criteria.
Search results and bookings.
Searching for vacancies from a candidate record.
Looking for records / Keyname look-up.
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