Reports run from:

  • Select > Miscellaneous Reports
  • Accounts > Reports
  • Selector Forms (Person, Company, Vacancy, Progress, Placement, Contact Events) > Reports Tabs
  • Desk Top and Temp Desk > Reports Tabs
  • There is also a Report button on individual Forms eg. Person, Company, Vacancy etc. (when running a report from here it will run on just that record.)

Note Users must have the relevant level of access to be able to run, print and export reports. See Reporting Access Levels

If you are running a report from a selector form you need to have a selection of records on which to run the report.

  • Create your selection of records (using search or retrieving a stored selection).
  • With the list of records showing, click on the reports tab, scroll down to the relevant report you wish to run and either double click on it or highlight it and click Open.
  • Certain reports may require you to input parameters for example Date Range, Consultant, Branch, Division or other type of entry. When all the required parameters are filled, the report will output onto the screen.

Note A TempDesk report takes its records from the selected week.

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