Note This section is intended for a System Administrator, as it may require associated Rights.

To add a new report, first save the file to the Reports Directory Store. See Find the report directory.

  • Open the relevant selector form where the report is to be run from. This example uses the 'Person List (Basic)' report in the Person selector screen.
  • On the left pane click and select Reports, a list of currently installed reports will show, the description is taken by default from the file name, but is editable to reflect the type of report.
  • Dependant on the rights assigned, you should have a set of tab buttons, Open, New, Edit and Delete. If these are not available to you, contact your system administrator.
  • Click on the New tab, a box appears, click Browse and point this to the Reports Directory Store for the file.
  • When you have found your report file, highlight and click on Open. The name appears under Description in the browse box, edit this if required.
  • If this report is only to be run from a specific Branch, select it from the drop down list, else leave blank for all Branches.
  • Set the Access level to limit who will be able to View, Print or Export a report. See Reporting Access Levels
  • There are 2 tick boxes marked Preserve Report Order and Preserve Report Selection. These may be applied under certain conditions, e.g. the people are sorted by the Keyname in the selector screen, but suppose our report sorted by PersonID and you wanted it to reflect this, tick the Preserve Report Order box, when now run the report will be sorted by the PersonID. It is possible that an error message will be displayed if a report cannot adhere to the ordering, in this case the box must be ticked in order to run. In the case of Preserve Report Selection, you may not want to report on the records selected but on the criteria set within the report. In this case this box would be ticked in order to overide the selector screen choice.
  • When you are happy with the settings click OK, the name appears on the reports list and is now ready to run.

If the report to be installed is located elsewhere, and you have followed the procedure to install it, you will be prompted to save this by default to the reports directory store, if you decline this, then you will only be able to run this report from this local machine.

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