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Temp desk form → Vacancies tab → Add button
Temp vacancy form → Shift templates tab
Maintenance menu → users → roles tab
Maintenance menu → IQXNet settings → Class rights

Clients can view and order Requirements, i.e. Vacancies and Shifts, depending on rights.

Vacancy or Shift Templates must be set up in IQX against that client that will then be available for them to enter requirements from their web portal. Once a requirement has been entered by the client, a pop up notification will appear in the IQX of Users that have been set to receive them.

  • For contract vacancies, create a new temp vacancy in the relevant Contract temp desk (i.e. NON-shift). Give it a status of Template (status code='['). Add any requirements and rates as needed.
  • For shifts, under the relevant client shift vacancies (i.e. attached to a Shift temp desk), * go to Shift Templates (temp vacancy form → Shift templates tab), and tick the shift templates to be made available as Allowed. (You will need the ‘Filter shift templates allowed by vacancy’ User Role to do this. (Maintenance menu → users → roles tab))
  • It should now be possible for the client to order these Requirements. Click the ‘Criteria’ button on the Requirements tab (temp vacancy form → requirements tab) to add criteria. The path that is followed depends on whether the user has the ‘Authorise Jobs’ right. (Maintenance menu → IQXNet settings → Class rights)
  • Add requirement
  • Does user have authorisation rights?
  • If no then either confirm or cancel
  • If not cancelled then Fill requirement

Note: Clients may only self-fill their requirements with candidates they have previously used.

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