Refers to:
Company form → documents tab
vacancies form → documents tab
Candidate form → documents tab

You may link any type of document, for example, directions, copies of terms of business and agreed rates.

  • Documents added as Files cannot be edited after saving.
  • Documents added as MS Office files can be edited.
  • Only MS Word Documents can be attached to emails.

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(2.3.4+) Documents can be archived in all document views: Archiving

In Person, Placement, Company, Vacancy and Progress filtering has been added to the document view.

This feature allows searching and filtering of Document State and Type along with key word searching in the description.

In addition, the sort order has been amended to place any archived records at the bottom of the list.

(2.3.5+) This feature separates out Compliance Documents by document type. click here


Compliance documents can now be adjusted to improve the size and readability of the documents.

In Maintenance - General Settings – Settings 1870 and 1880. Both input values specify the percentage of resolution and compression for compliance documents.

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