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The full questionnaires for the selected department and the general candidate information are shown here. Only selected questions appear in the top right headline area. Questionnaire items can take a number of formats, these are:

  • Numeric The user enters a numeric value in relation to a question, for example 'Salary Required' with an answer of 20000
  • Date For use with questionnaire items that would have a date field as the answer - for example 'Visa expiry date'.
  • Text Entry Allows the user to enter free-form text, an example of a Text-entry based questionnaire item would be 'Candidates Interests'
  • Upper Case Text Similar to 'Text Entry'. Values entered are forced into Upper Case Text.
  • Single Selection Forces the user to select a value from a pre-determined list, i.e 'Nationality' - the user is presented with a drop down list of countries from which to select.
  • Multiple Selection Where more than one answer may apply to the candidate, when expanded the user is presented with a list of possible options, user ticks each option that applies to that candidate.
  • Graded Selection A set of options are shown, each option has a graded selection - for example 'Languages Spoken' would present a list of options, each option has a grading such as 'Native Speaker', 'Intermediate' etc. etc. For Graded Selections, more than one option can be selected, but only one graded choice per option can be applied.
  • Scored Selection A set of options are shown, each option can have an associated score assigned to it - for example 'speeds' as the item description, with 'Typing', 'Short hand' and 'data input' as the sub choices. User can then enter the score associated with each subchoice against these items.

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