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Candidate form → cv tab

To add an existing CV to a candidate:

  • open the candidate details form and click on the CV tab in the left hand panel.
  • Click on Write CV. Select Load from existing word document, navigate to where your existing CV is stored, and click Save

To add a new CV, click Write CV then select Create new document using selected template. An empty word template is opened, you may edit and save as required.

If you wish to replace an existing CV, with a new version, click the Archive CV button. A prompt is shown asking if the CV text should be retained for future searches. A copy of the CV is then moved to the Documents section of the candidate details.

MS Office document files ending in .doc and .docx, or of type MSOffice, can be added and converted into the Current CV within a Person record.

Access this feature by People – Select a person – Documents – Select or Add an MS-Office Document – Click on the Make Current CV button

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