How to use the IQX Launcher

The purpose of this application is to allow for easy updating of all the IQX main program files and associated dlls. By replacing the normal IQX/Pears.exe with the IQX launcher.exe it will allow for clients to be automatically updated and in sync with the correct version.

There are 4 files that make up the IQX Launcher application.

  1. IQXLauncher.exe
  2. client.xml
  3. server.xml
  4. IQXLauncherUpdater.exe


This is the main exe that will replace the IQX.exe or the pears.exe. This needs to be in the same folder as the main IQX folder for it to work. You can rename this exe to whatever you want it to be and this will not affect the workings of the application.


This is the client version of launcher configuration file. This has to be in the main folder along with the IQXLauncher.exe file. This file has the client information on which files it has to update and the details of which version the client has of each file. The <exename> tag has to match the name you have called your main IQX/Pears.exe file as this is what executes and starts IQX/Pears once the update is finished.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <file name="bankscan.dll" latest="0" />
    <file name="iqx.exe" latest="0" />


This is the server version of the launcher configuration file. This has to be in the same location as the files you want each client to update.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
		<file name="bankscan.dll" latest="1"/>
		<file name="iqx.exe" latest="1"/>


This is an application that can be used to update the server.xml. It has to be in the location where the files to be updated are stored.

How to setup the IQXlauncher

  1. Add the client.xml and the IQXLauncher.exe file to your default IQX/Pears install folder.
  2. Open up the client.xml file in an xml editor or notepad and set the <iqx>value to either 0 if your exe is called Pears and 1 if your exe is called IQX.
  3. Set the <serverpath> tag to point to the folder where you want the client to get the latest files. This can be a local path of a networked shared location.
  4. Save and close the file.
  5. Next add the server.xml file and the IQXLauncherUpdater.exe to the same folder where your updated files are stored, this must be the same location as you have specified in step 3.
  6. Now open up the IQXLauncherUpdater.exe and add the required files you wish to be updated by the client.
  7. You can now rename the IQXLauncher.exe to either pears.exe of iqx.exe or to whatever name you currently use for your main exe.
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