Release 2.20.9

To assist with the efficient adding of candidate details it is now possible to add employment history direct from a CV.

If the CV is in the correct format (current CV Library format) when the CV is parsed the employment history appears on the second page of the wizard with a summary of what has been parsed, any employments you don’t want can be deleted at this stage.

If your CV is not in the required format you can manually add the employment history by highlighting the information, right clicking and choosing the relevant fields. Company Name and Position MUST be selected. Then after you have highlighted all of the information wanted choose Create Employment to create the employment.

You can then link to an existing company within the database or create a new one.

Requires System Administrator set up.

A new button has been added that allows users to quickly add a record to Favourites direct from the Person, Company, Company Contact, Vacancy or Placement form.

Simply click on the star button, choose the relevant folder and add any notes.

If adding a client contact users should ensure the black arrow is next to the relevant record and use the green star in the contacts view.

As well as Frequently Used Towns and Frequently used Countries there is now an option for Frequently Used Counties within the Agency Setup menu.

We also have a job that will add a list of frequently used counties as a starting point. Please contact IQX Support for further information on this.

Email signature images can now be stored in the database as an alternative to the reports folder. This is found under Agency Setup. Please contact IQX Support for assistance in setting this up.

Swedish Derogation coming to an end means that Pay Between Assignments is no longer a selectable choice in AWR exemption reason in Person > Payroll.

For candidates with this choice already selected historically, it will remain. Going forward, it cannot be selected.

A search field has been added to allow users to quickly find the fields required when inserting fields into a Word document.

It is now possible to edit the name/description of a folder within favourites. To do this you right click on the folder and select Edit Folder Description. Useful if it has been mis-spelt or the purpose of the folder has changed since it’s creation.

When right clicking on a folder in Favourites there is now an option to change the sort order of records within that folder.

Within favourites if you right click on a folder or a record within a folder there is now an option to copy, move or paste the folder.

Better warning when deleting a folder to ensure folders aren’t deleted in error. When a user presses the delete button they will now receive a message asking them to confirm they wish to delete.

Users are now able to change the subject line to something more meaningful when sending SMS/Email Queries for shift confirmations.

The Created column on Person Documents and Compliance Documents will show by default and will display the date and time the document was created.

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