Release 2.20.2

An Agency can now ensure that all Person records are entered with agency selected required fields; Mobile, Email, First line of Address, Town and Postcode.

This feature requires administrator set up.

It is now possible to add an accounts contact directly within the company Miscellaneous (often renamed to Account Setup) view rather than having to go back to the Contacts view.

If the accounts contact is not yet in IQX click on the elipses at the end of the Accounts Contact field and use the Add Contact button.

Keep track of a group of candidates such as those in registration or not yet compliant by viewing them all in once place on your IQX Desktop.

All candidates matching the specified state will be displayed and consultants can filter the results, display them on a location map and process them for mail merging as well as making individual contact events. This feature requires administrator set up.

Clearer guidance on IR35. If the company is marked as being outside of IR35, upon making a candidate placement you get the following message.

For auditing purposes, you are able to add an SDS for a candidate for all tax methods using the Add button on the SDS view.

If used, E-Timesheet colours now show on the vacancy and placement timesheets view as well as on the Temp Desk for easy identification.

Improvement to the error message when trying to open a Provisional Timesheet if no Company Account record exists. The error will prompt to enter the mandatory fields in the Company Miscellaneous view.

We have now added filters on AWR views.

Person - AWR view

Temp Desk - AWR Temps view

Placements - AWR Linked Placements view.

Whenever you make a change to a candidate, client or consultants iqxWEB rights this is now audited within IQX. This is shown on the audit trail on the specific page (candidate, client, consultant) and also the main audit trail within IQX.

See Secure Document Sending in IQX help for requirements to utilise this feature.

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