Release 2.17.4

An alternative IQX button view has been set up in IQX to give the User more flexibility arranging their view of IQX. A User will be able to switch the button bar between the existing horizontal top view and the new vertical left view, according to personal preference.

This feature requires System Administrator set up.

A new line has been added to completed timesheets showing the tax status of the Candidate and IR35 status where their Tax Status is Ltd/Umbrella or Self Employed.

Requires System Administrator set up.

It is now possible to use CVs in PDF format. The text will be extracted and added to 'CV TEXT'. This can be used for searching or inserting into CV template to create a formatted CV.

You can create a candidate from a PDF CV using load CV or dragging and dropping the file onto IQX.

Click yes at the next view. Note the CV Text might not fully reflect the PDF and should be reviewed.

There are now three custom columns available on Temp Desk. These can be added to Temp Desk: Vacancies, Temps, Vacancy Shifts, Shifts, Placements and Timesheets.

Requires System Administrator set up.

A colour scheme has been added to Compliance documents (red – archived, blue – redacted and black – current). Compliance documents can now be added using the Add button and selecting the relevant document.

When a document has been added, or amended the view will automatically refresh to display the change.

A new dialogue box has been added to filter timesheets in Accounts – Timesheet Image Linking.

This will increase speed of forms as you set multiple filters at once then apply them.

If 'LINKED' is ticked, the cursor now stays at the same timesheet allowing additional docs to be attached as required, after linking.

In the Search dialogue, additional columns have been added, Site and Period.

A new button has been added to go directly to the Candidate from Timesheet Image Linking.

It is possible to rotate and save new position from within IQX. The saved position is kept when invoicing.

If you have an automatic contact event created when entering candidate Availability/Unavailability/Holiday it is now possible for the Contact Event to automatically open so that additional information can be added.

Requires System Administrator set up.

Withholding has been reviewed to draw together all information on Person/Company/Vacancy withholding into a new view on each form Withholds. Refer to Withholds for more information.

When pressing the FINISH button on the IQX Broadbean form whilst posting a job to Broadbean, the following message is shown:

If user selects NO,

they will be taken back to the advert page in IQX to allow them to amend and use 'SEND ADVERT button.

If Cancel clicked at any time the advert will be lost.

Bankscan.dll Sort Code and Account Number checking is no longer supported by the third party that has provided it. In the near future we will stop sending out the monthly dll updates as they will not be available.

We have developed an internal mechanism that enables checking of Sort Code and Account Numbers.

For IQX versions 2.17.4 The corrected release is 2.17.8 onwards the new method can be used.

Contact IQX support for the ImportBankScan_Modulus.xml job and run that to set up the data from valacdos.txt.

In addition set up the Add_SortCode_Overwrite.xml job to add future sort codes.The addition is audited.

Finally in General Setting - Accounts - 450 Internal Bank Scan - set to Y.

If a sort code or account number is warned as Not Valid, but is correct, it is still possible for users to contact IQX for an override code, as previously.

Turn on the alternative button bar in General Settings - Switchable Fields 2860.

A User will be able to switch the button bar between the existing horizontal top view and the new vertical left view, according to personal preference.

A new validation function has been added in Database Functions – Pre-Validation Functions – Timesheet Image Link Pre-Validation. T

In Compliance - Compliance Documents it is now possible to have the file created date added to the file details in IQX instead of the date the file was added to IQX. This function is switchable using General Settings - Settings 2090.

Additional custom columns are available on Temp Desks. Please contact Support for changes to Temp Desk custom grid column function.

Additional custom columns are activated by setting the required number in General Settings – Temps – 1110. The default value is 1.

It is now possible to make the telephone number, email address and social media contacts on the Person view, Read only. They will only be editable in the ‘Get in Touch’ view.

General Settings – Settings 2080 Disable editing of Person Phones Fields set to Yes

A new line has been added to completed timesheets showing the tax status of the Candidate and, where their Tax Status is Ltd/Umbrella or Self Employed, the IR35 status of the timesheet. The status depends on if overrides have been ticked in the related Vacancy, Placement or Company record.

Contact Support for a revised Temp Timesheet Complete function.

Set General Settings - Temps 439 to Y and ensure General Setting - Temps 440 has a relevant contact event code.

Account Role Users can now see Candidate Availability and Candidate Compliance Status in the Person Record.

All reports can now be filtered by Division. Select a report and click Edit. Click Change Division Filters and exclude/include the required Divisions. The included Divisions are shown in the divisions column next to the report description.

For new reports first add the report filling the required information and after saving go through the process described above.

Completing or aborting a Broadbean advert is automatically audited in the Vacancy and Database Diagnostics - Audit Trail.

Searches made in Maintenance – Users can now be stored.

Saving a stored search is the same as for any current search. Create a search – Select Stored Searches – Save (as per other stored searching).

A new version of wpkmaintain.exe is available and will work with old releases of iqx. Please contact IQX for further information.

An updated dll package has been produced to add in the latest ssl dlls and zlib1.dll. Please contact IQX for further information.

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