Opens the home page of the IQX online help site. This includes information such as:

  • Getting Started - This includes a range of topics to help you start using IQX efficiently.
  • Help Topics - This makes it easy to find the information your looking for.
  • Release Information - Here you will find information and tutorials on all the new futures in each release.
  • Help for System Administrators - this is for information spastic to Administrators there access level.
  • Technical help site

Gives access to pre-booked interactive online support sessions. Only use this option when requested by IQX Support staff.

Displays information useful to support staff when diagnosing issues:

  • IQX Version The full version of the IQX program executable that you are running
  • WPK Version The version of the “Woodpecker” user interface configuration installed in your database. This should match IQX Version.
  • DB Version The IQX version that your database has been updated to. This should match IQX Version.
  • Build Indicates rebuilds of the EXE, WPK & DB versions.
  • Database Link The type of communication layer used between your IQX install and the database engine.
  • Complier The version of the compiler used to create your IQX program.
  • DB Engine Version The version of the SAP SQL Anywhere database engine your database is running on.
  • DB Build Version The version of SAP SQL Anywhere last used to build your database.
  • JobRunner Version The version of JobRunner supported by your version of IQX.
  • Infopower Version The version of the Infopower components in your version of IQX.
  • Full text Search method employed
  • ODBC Version The version of the ODBC drivers installed on your computer.
  • Operating System The operating system used by your computer.
  • Executable Location The location that your install of IQX is run from. This may be on your computer or another location on your network.
  • Custom Forms A list of any custom forms in your version of IQX. These may override a standard IQX form or give you additional functionality.
  • Overridden Maintained Procedures A list of any standard data functions or procedures which have been overridden by custom versions in your database.


Displays this page.


Copies all the displayed information to the Windows Clipboard, so that you can paste it into a message to support staff.

Information about versions of Dynamic Link Libraries used by IQX

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