IQX Client Folder Structures & Permissions

When IQX is set up on a LAN or thin client server, the IQX program files and reports will need to be placed in shared folders visible to the client. A shortcut on the users' desktops will then point to the IQX executable.

A typical structure, where the application server name is ApplicationServer, will be something like this:

with the base folder shared as \\ApplicationServer\IQX The location chosen for the shared folder SHOULD NOT normally be on the database server but on a file or application server accessible by normal users. There is then no need then for users to have a login to the database server machine.

Your particular configuration may mean that additional files are deployed. If you are unsure if a particular file is needed please see IQX Client Files or contact your IQX support representative.

The reports folder location will need to be specified in IQX under Maintenance | Agency Setup | Branches:

UNC locations or mapped drive letters can be used.

Maintenance XML jobs and others that are not used by non-technical users should not be stored in the standard reports folders - this helps to ensure that they are not run by users who may not appreciate the full implications of their use.
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