My temp worker has asked me to provide a print out of the shifts they are booked in for. Can I do this?

  • Open the person record for that temp, click on the Reports button at the top.
  • There will be a list of reports that can be run, there will be one called something like Temp Shifts or Timesheet Details etc.
  • If you cannot see a report that looks relevant, please speak to your system administrator for assistance.
  • You will be asked to enter the start and end dates that you wish to report on.
  • You may then be asked to specify which part of the database to run the report against – if applicable, make appropriate selection.
  • The report will be generated, this can then be emailed directly to the temp or you can export it to Excel to edit and send.
  • To email it directly to your temp: keep the report open, open a contact event against the temp record, drag and drop the report onto the Contact Event by clicking on the report and dragging it onto the contact event details, release the mouse when the mouse cursor changes.
  • Write your email as usual and send.
  • On clicking Send E-mail you will see the file listed under the Files and Documents section.

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