Desktop Application (.exe)

  • All data in the IQX exe is hosted on managed server systems with full support by your IT provider. IQX Limited does not retain or have access to this except under managed remote-control sessions for user support. This is managed by IT support also.


  • Data is encrypted in transmission and at rest;
  • There is no external access to the database(s);
  • Each day an incremental backup is made and a full backup is taken weekly;
  • The DR server maintains 3 full backups at any point in time;
  • The weekly full backups are replicated to AmazonS3 where they are kept for 6 months.

applies to both

  • IQX users are given individual accounts with appropriate access levels that restrict access to view, export or print information. User passwords are created by the user and are encrypted;
  • User rights to read, edit or export information can be immediately revoked by a system administrator;
  • All user actions and record changes made in IQX are logged in the audit trail;
  • The Sybase database management system is password protected with locked down access;
  • A dedicated DR server exists for each database server - DR servers are constantly replicated from the live servers. Every 15 mins the live logs are applied
  • IQX has built in tools that anonymises data and erases records when needed.
  • The Anonymise tool writes over the tables with random alphanumeric values.
  • The Delete tools erase the records from the database completely.
  • There is a backup of the database that copies the database records on a regular cycle- this backup exists for 2 days until it is destroyed.
  • Once a record is deleted and the backup is overwritten (after the 2 days), the record is destroyed completely and cannot be recovered.
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