Custom Grid Columns

You can define custom columns for almost all grids in IQX (specifically all the 'Woodpecker' defined grids). The Custom Grid Column system supercedes the old, much more limited switchable field system which was defined in General Settings.

Custom Grid Columns are defined in Maintenance - Database Setup. They can be set up by Department, which allows sensible access to Departmental Questionnaire fields. If NO Departmental custom columns are defined for a particular grid, for your own Department, it will look for 'DEFAULT' custom columns for that grid.

As well as defining new custom columns you can hide or move the pre-defined columns. This is done by setting the Position value - 0 to hide a field, a positive number to position it. The Position numbering may take some trial and error to position the field where you want it because it is affected by hidden fields. Although there is no limit to the number of custom columns you can add to a form it should be noted that each additional column added will affect speed, particularly in larger databases.

In addition to this there are a range of options available to users and admins by right-clicking the column heading of almost any grid (all those defined by 'Woodpecker'). You can drag columns to move them, hide them by selecting that option on the right-click menu, remember your column layout, select the DEFAULT or a named layout, or Show All Columns. Those with Maintenance or Departmental Maintenance rights can define a DEFAULT layout for all users who have not 'Remembered' their own layout. This may be a subset of all available columns. They can also save and remove named layouts.

Some details about the definition of new custom columns can be found here

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