Form Position Saving

IQX has a facilty from version onwards where a form will remember a fixed position to open at, rather than move cascade positioning down the screen.
It has to be switched on in General Settings, then activated and finally the forms set.

To activate click on the IQX symbol on the left hand of the header bar of any form, and click on Save Position. Then exit and restart IQX.

The position will not have been remembered yet but the system is activated.

Activating form position saving

When IQX has restarted open a form and move it to the desired position e.g. The Desk Top to the right of the screen to make it easy to drag from Inbox onto a record.

Click the symbol again and Save Position.

Now if you close and reopen the screen it wll be in the saved position and size.

Form position saved

This especially useful where you interact between screens such as dragging from Inbox or Timesheet Image linking.

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