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Maintenance menu → Temp Setup item → Temp Desks tab
Temp desk form (top menu)

The Temp Desk system is a way to arrange work for the convenience of individual consultants. They use a Temp Desk to get at active Temp Vacancies for filling, processing and completing time sheets, in the timeframe of a week or a month. You can create as many Temp Desks as you require to fulfil your business requirements.

  • Each Temp Desk is attached to a Department for skills matching.
  • Each Temp Desk is attached to a Division for viewing access.
  • Each Temp Vacancy is attached to a Temp Desk

Applicants can be attached to several Temp Desks to make groups of skills easy to search. Consultants can work with any Temp Desk but should have a primary attachment to one. Temp Desks can be seen in Monthly or Weekly views. For example, if you have 4 consultants all working in one department you could have:

  • One Temp Desk that all consultants work in together, any consultant working on any job.
  • A Temp Desk for each consultant, where they bring in their own vacancies and match their own candidates
  • A combination of the above, depending on agency working methods.

For initial configuration consider how your consultants work – individually or in teams – and list the potential Temp Desks that will be needed. The IQX installer will also be able to advise.

To create a Temp Desk
Maintenance menu → Temp Setup item → Temp Desks tab

For each Temp Desk you need to add the following:

NameEnter an appropriate name for the grouping
Default ViewSelect the view from Monthly Contract which displays by vacancy a month at a time
Weekly Contract which displays by vacancy a week at a time
Weekly Shift which displays by shift states a week at a time
DepartmentSelects the department
DivisionSelects the division
Current YearEnter the code for the current Temp Year. This should correspond with a year in the Temp Years table
Current Week/MonthEnter the year and month number. This will set the first ‘Current Date’ setting
Default Payroll CompanyEnter as appropriate for your back office. For LSM Back Office enter A
Default Analysis Code Available if required for extra report functionality
Timesheet PeriodWeekly or monthly
Default check timesheetsAlters the behaviour of the Vacancies tab: colours reflect whether placements or timesheets are completed for the vacancy

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