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Person form → Requirements tab

Use this tab to enter any specific requirements that the candidate has, for example, a minimum salary or rate and benefits that they require such as a pension or company car. If the candidate has said that any job must have these criteria, then click on the Requirements are Non-negotiable button. If you do this then the candidate is only matched to vacancies that include these criteria. These requirements are taken from the candidate\person questionnaire form.

To add the required criteria:

  • Click on the Hints button to split the screen into All of: and Any of:.
  • Click on the Criteria button to display a list of criteria that you can select.
  • Drag the criteria from the list to the All of: or Any of: boxes and select the appropriate options.

Note If you make a mistake, click on the Clear button to clear the screen and start again. To clear a single requirement, drag it back onto the Criteria selection box.

All of means that the vacancies must have these items. Any of means that the records must have at least one of these items.

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