IQXMonitor is an application that runs as a service on a DR (Disaster Recovery) server. The application when installed as a service (set to automatic start-up) will look for a process called DBBackup.exe (This is set-up as part of the IQX DR server configuration). IQXMonitor will check this process is running every 3 seconds if this process is not running then it will attempt to restart this repeatedly.

Setting up IQXMonitor

You will need IQXMonitorS.exe and IQXMonitor.ini. Open a command prompt (With Administrator privileges) and browse to the directory storing the IQXMonitor files. To create the service enter the following text (Where xxxxxx is the full path to the IQXMonitor file.)

Sc create IQXMonitor binpath= "xxxxxx\IQXMonitors.exe" displayname= "IQX DB Monitor"

To delete the service if not needed

When in a command prompt with administration privileges, enter

SC Delete IQXMonitor

Stopping DBBackup from accessing a DB

When you need to update an IQX DB with a later version you will not be able to run the update (!) with active connections to the database. In order to run this you will need to stop DBBackup.exe from running and to do this you will need to first of all stop IQXMonitor. To do this open up Windows services manager and select “IQXMonitor|” from the list. Stop the service. Once stopped you will then be able to stop the DBbackup.exe process (simply stop in Task manager). As IQXMonitor is stopped this application will not restart once stopped (If IQXMonitor is still running then DBBackup.exe will keep restarting). Once the DB service is back up and running on the DB server and IQX connections are allowed again then the DBBackup can be started again. To do this Simply go into services and start the “IQXMonitor” service if this starts without an error DBBackup.exe will start shortly after.

Troubleshoot errors in IQXMonitor

IQXMonitor will not start - Are the program files present in the directory specified in the service set-up? If not then alter the file set-up or re-install the IQXMonitor service. DBBackup will not start - Is the IQX DB Service running? Can the DR server see the IQX DB server? If not establish this connection and try again.

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