You can use IQX to create a stripped down version of the normal Candidate Registration Wizard suitable for candidates to enter their own basic details on a computer in your office.

  • Create a new IQX user in MaintenanceUsers. For this exercise we will assume the user is called NEW.
  • Allocate suitable default branches, divisions etc. You can create multiple users for different branches etc if required.
  • Under Override Form ID, specify REGCAND. This will ensure that the NEW user only has access to the new candidate registration form.
  • Assign the NEW user Temp Consultant, Can edit all records they can see and Can edit own records roles.
  • At this stage the NEW user will see a registration form identical to your own consultants'. You can remove elements from the form by using the Hide … roles.
  • Start a new IQX session loging in as NEW

Note: It may be helpful when designing the form to run two sessions of IQX side by side, one logged in with Maintenance rights, one logged in as NEW. Then you can adjust the Candidate Self-Registration form stage by stage, until you have it working how you wish.

If you wish, you can provide a report so that the candidate can print off the details they entered. To do this assign the NEW user the role Show Candidate Registration Report Button. The default name for this report is CandidateRegistration.rtm and should be installed in the normal IQX reports folder. If you wish to use a report of a different name you will need to change the setting in MaintenanceGeneral SettingsCandidate Registration Report Name.

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