Below is a summary of the main new features that have been implemented between version 2.17.2 and 2.19.2 (inclusive).
For more details please see the Release Notes for the particular version.

Version Role/Layout
2.19.2Alternative Button bars per User
2.18.8Extend User email address field to 100 chars
2.18.8Leaving or Deleting User tidies IQXWeb access
2.18.6Role to be able to Delete Documents
2.18.6New user layout setting 'Can Delete Documents'
2.18.6New user role 'Data Protection Manager'
2.18.4New user role 'Can maintain Compliance Docs'
2.18.2Adding and Maintaining Users
2.17.12Quick lookup facility on Person Selector
2.17.12Filter boxes on Person & Company Selector
2.17.12Can use GDPR functionality
2.17.12Can Maintain Users
2.17.8Can Send e-signatures
2.17.8Can edit end date of Contract Placements
Version Feature
2.18.11Broadbean amendments when adding new Candidates
2.18.11Bulk CV import accepts PDFs and Source added
2.18.11Add a reminder when adding WithHold
2.18.11Notes can now be indexed searched
2.18.8Gender Field now also on Payroll view - renamed HMRC Gender
2.18.8Switch to disable payroll number checking when changing composite template
2.18.6Move Subscribe options to Person header
2.18.6Postcode Lookup on Reference Request and Fast New wizard
2.18.6Secondary Agency form improvements
2.18.6Adding a Unique Tax Reference to a person record
2.18.6State Visibility and Consent Management
2.18.4Select candidate whilst videoing through shortlist
2.18.4Auto-matching Candidates to Vacancies
2.17.12Single Page New Person Wizard
2.17.12Quick Contact Events
2.17.12Differentiation between attempt to contact and actual contact in contact events
2.17.10Thumbnail Photo on Person Button Bar
2.17.8Candidate Photos can now be archived
2.17.4PDF CVs can now be imported into CV text
2.17.4Centralisation of witholding
Version Feature
2.18.11Sales Role - can now view Placements
2.18.8Company - Accounts Setup - Indicate fields that should be filled in with an asterisk
2.18.6Secondary Agency form improvements
2.17.2Method of Identifying Private Sector Companies re IR35
Version Feature
2.19.2Map Button to show location of records
2.18.11Managers can add to others Stored Selections
2.18.4New filter field for searching within Maintenance pages
2.18.4Ability to exclude archived and do not use candidates from vacancy search
2.17.12Changing Selector Columns and saving their position
2.17.12Ability to open the same company multiple times with different contacts selected
2.17.12Filtering within Search Criteria
2.17.12Easier Access to stored searches and selection
2.17.12Filtering on Temp Desk temps View including postcode distance filtering
2.17.12Quick Lookup facility on Person Selector
2.17.12Filter Boxes on Person & Company Selector
Version Feature
2.18.11Quick Fill Shifts button from Shift Reference
2.18.8Add Shift reference field to bulk shift adder
2.18.6Shift Notifications sent to Secondary Agencies
2.18.4Cancel confirmation notifications from different locations
2.17.6Notifications to be called from Shifts Finish button
2.17.2Improvements to filtering shifts
2.17.2Images can now be included in shift notifications
Version Feature
2.19.2Progress Colour
2.18.6Vacancy Teams extended to Temp Vacancies
2.18.4Peak BI Integration
2.18.4Auto-matching Candidates to Vacancies
2.17.6Salary Field on a Perm Vacancy allows for a range
2.17.2Direct Link from IQX to Broadbean
2.17.2Margin calculations can be seen on placement the same as vacancy
Version Feature
2.19.2Role to hide Add Vacancy button on Shift Desks
2.17.12Filtering on Temp Desk temps View including postcode distance filtering
2.17.10New Column on Expiry Dates view for shifts after expiry
2.17.8Can display shifts from multiple desks
2.17.6Copy & Paste from Fields in Temp Desk – Temps
2.17.6Filter temp desk temps by available in week
2.17.6Temp Desk shifts filter – by payroll week
2.17.6Shift Import from email
Version Feature
2.19.2Table of Invoice lines and associated data for GM reporting
2.18.11Invoice creation blocked if no access to folders
2.18.11Invoicing accepts JPG timesheet images
2.18.11Shift description visible on Provisional Timesheets
2.18.11Timesheet Dispatcher improvements
2.18.8Add Bulk Delete button to Person-based TS Image linking
2.18.6Timesheet Image rotation saved
2.18.6Switch to hide Do Not Transfer on Completed Timesheets
2.18.6Review of Delete/Cancel button on timesheet with contra timesheets
2.18.6Statements will use IQX Email signature
2.18.4New invoice groupings for batch invoicing
2.18.4Adhoc invoice form shows template used
2.17.12Direct Engagement
2.17.6Provisional Timesheet totals unrounded figures so is different to completed
2.17.6Improve problem reporting from batch invoicing
2.17.6Extra warning on timesheet entry
2.17.4Timesheets can show Tax Method & IR35
2.17.4Alternative timesheet image linking improvements
2.17.2Ability to create a credit note directly from an invoice
Version Feature
2.18.8New compliance checking mechanism per Candidate Role
2.18.4Secure sending of Data Access Requests
2.18.4Remove bank details as part of P45 process
2.18.4Gender Pay Gap Reporting
2.18.4Bulk deletion of historic documents
2.18.4New user role 'Can maintain Compliance Docs'
Version Feature
2.18.8Documents uploaded from IQXWeb Portal Compliance process
2.18.8Sources - Add publishtoweb to orgin table to control what sources show on IQXWeb
2.18.6IQXWeb Maintenance - Documents maintenance form changes
2.17.10Ability to link all companies in a Group for IQXWeb
2.17.8Candidates with Web access now able to see and complete all timesheets online
Version Feature
2.19.2Switch to turn on default Tax Method of Ltd
2.18.11Skype for Business integration
2.18.8Zero Pay & Charge Warnings Configurable by Division
2.18.8Questionnaire code and data Restore process in maintenance
2.18.8Simple Web and Database Connection Check from Help Menu
2.18.8Merge WPKMaintain into IQX
2.18.8Allow web service call for Telephony links
2.18.8Switch to allow spaces in Question Choice analysis field, default is NOT allowed
2.18.8SQLTool has selector for Procedures and Functions
2.18.8Add Find and Line Number to Database Functions
2.18.8Add indicator to General Settings to show that a Custom HTML SMS function is in use
2.18.8Governor resource for Max_Statement_Count increased to 200
2.18.8Transactionalise WPK updates
2.18.8After WPK is applied a message to say 'Please re-start the program'
2.18.8Remove redundant custom field WPK switches
2.18.8Delete button on Hub Monitor view in database diagnostics
2.18.6Date of Birth Validation
2.18.6Group Email setup for XML jobs
2.18.6Division controls re Cancel & Correct
2.18.6Single Sign On
2.18.6View Static Data Downloads
2.18.6Function to extract text from Contact Events html
2.18.6Database updates - allow force attempt where multiple connections
2.18.6Database Diagnostics view to show database update history
2.18.6General Settings - changes for more logical groupings
2.18.6Ensure that using & in a Question or Choice ID functions
2.18.6Ensure IQXHub backup does not trigger Button Bar failure button
2.18.4Wizard for tidying tasks on User leaving
2.18.2Restrict Access to Specific Document Types
2.18.2Set the Maximum Number of Windows that can be Open
2.18.2Switch to Make Source Required on New Person Wizard
2.18.2Switch when adding History to Filter Certain States
2.18.2Maximising Window only Affects Window in Focus
2.17.12Simplified method of setting up custom columns
2.17.8Candidate Bank Details can be Obscured
2.17.4Bank Scan replacement
2.17.2Enforce End of week dates in Rates Scheme
2.17.2Dynamic Rate Schemes – apply dates to overrides
2.17.2Extra columns on rate schemes to record information for reporting
2.17.2Auditing of rate changes
Version Feature
2.18.11Managing MailChimp Unsubscribers.
2.18.11Ability to drag link a record to an unlinked email in the IQX Inbox
2.18.8Audit additions - Placement TheirRef, Database Functions
2.18.6Documents to display html and text files
2.18.6Prevention of using a Payband limited to a division
2.18.6Hide option to include Unsubscribe to Marketing in Mail Merge
2.18.4Headline available on contact events
2.18.4Adding deletion dates to individual documents
2.18.2Contact Event- Email Sent Log
2.17.10Add other staff to Pop Up Reminders
2.17.8Changes to Vacancy Shortlist and Desktop Progress views to show additional information
2.17.8New questions in placement that only managers can answer
2.17.8Can now only delete your own favourites
2.17.6Table constraint preventing zero week timesheets being added to the database
2.17.6Recent IQX to only use WPMaintain2
2.17.4Left Button bar
2.16.12Active Directory Single Sign on
2.16.8Favourites – can be viewed and amended by users in same div, can be Processed, added from stored selection
2.16.6Users can build own Favourite List of document Templates
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