Release 2.3.4

Note: If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.

Version Feature / Change Viewing CV view on Applicant screen via vacancy copy shortlist. - JMB 08/01/16 Tempaid truncation code error when Tempaid long codes used. TempDesk.pas amended with the fix.MHS 26/11/15 Office 365 email bug. - JMB 21/10/15 Timesheet Entry Note field extended to 100 chars. - JMB 27/08/15 PDF component incorrect licensedata problem corrected. - SB 05/08/15 page included with doc pack spamming. - SB 05/08/15 pack merging using latest version dll. - SB 05/08/15 updated to permit searching for 'Null' in Division. - JMB 25/08/15 user connecting to database if not using current version. - SB 14/07/15 double clicking on Post button. - MHS 14/07/15 to timesheet list on tempdesk losing position in list after completing a timesheet. - SB 15/07/15 of access violation in Parse CV on the Person form. - MHS 13/07/15 to person Based timesheet image link so that when clicking 'Back to list' it goes to the next item and not the start. - SB 13/07/15 view/form was opened and Departmentid contained '.' or a question tagid contained a '*' an sql error was generated. - JMB 09/07/15 of a surplus dialog box if save & close chosen (without making changes). - MHS 09/07/15 Current CV now works with doc files. - SB 07/07/15 Archived documents cannot be added to emails. - SB 25/06/15 Selector. Bulk Email and Bulk Document Back sending buttons added. Requires IQX configuration. - SB 25/06/15 Invoice Temp Timesheets. Sorting by Charge and Contract Ref added. SB 25/06/15 Matching. Optimisation reduces time taken. - SB 22/06/15 Archive Documents. On company, person, vacancy, progress and placement views. Shows archived documents in red. - JMB 01/06/15 Temp User role “Can link Timesheet Images” allows access to Image linking from the accounts menu. - SB 25/05/15 Ability to override form colour based on client/person state. Enable General setting - switchable fields (2080 and 2085) set colours on maint - agency setup - person and company state, tick override form colour column - JMB 21/05/15 New Hide Search Criteria Hints user role. Search Hints button on instead of off e.g. person selector - Search. - JMB 17/05/15 Desktop - Diary (All consultants), hours/dates now display correctly under themes. - JMB 14/05/15 Person - Diary, prevent dragging of a shift onto another shift which is filled by the same person. - JMB 14/05/15 detail in About Box. Split numbers into version and build number - JMB 17/04/15 Email Timesheet Image Link. Email addresses are now clients, can search and type into email box. - JMB 09/04/15 Woodpecker Combo Script now executed on change of checkbox, grids and inspectors - SB 07/04/15 Person Docs. Files of type MSOffice can now be made into the Current CV. - JMB 07/04/15 TempDesk, Vacancy, Placement, Vacancy Shifts and Temps (Monthly, Weekly, Shift, Contract) columns are now stretchable. - SB 07/04/15 Colour Legend added to Contact Event Selector, Person and Company Contact Events. - SB 07/04/15 for table-based WPK question items added.- GJW 06/04/15 Support for table based wpk question items added. - SB 06/04/15 New person wizard. Questions with display group -2000 will appear here and nowhere else. - SB 06/04/15 ReportBuilder. Raise error if default folder does not exist. - JMB 06/04/15 Company Stored Selections, brings back all company/company contact results. - JMB 06/04/15 Audit Items. Unsubscribe to Marketing on Person and Company Contacts. - JMB 06/04/15 Favourites. Enable editing notes and deleting items on popup menu. - JMB 01/04/15 IQX Login. Alternative user and password can be used to connect for easier debugging. - SB 31/03/15 Vacancy, Miscellaneous. E-Timesheets can be turned off of a vacancy if company is turned on. - SB 30/03/15 Send SMS, correct count of intended recipients. - JMB 17/03/15 Audit - Person Employment Period Start Date. - JMB 17/03/15 Bulk Send SMS, correct count of intended recipients. - JMB 17/03/15 Vacancy Modify Screen, include Vacancy Limits. - JMB 17/03/15 Person - CV Archive Button correct confirmation message. - JMB 17/03/15
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