Release 2.3.2

Note: If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.
* before a version number indicates that the version is available for testing, not yet fully released.
x before a version number indicates that the version is not yet available

Version Feature / Change
2.3.2 Person→Document, Make Current CV. Add warning message if document not doc or docx. #818967 JMB 26/02/15
2.3.2 JobRunner, MessageDialog. Single & in text are converted to && to prevent changing to underline. #818973 SB 26/02/15
2.3.2 JobRunner, MessageDialog. clipboard (default NO) attribute added to put text into clipboard. #818974 SB 26/02/15
2.3.2 Maintenance, Users, Reports Button added. Suitable reports can be run for an individual user. #818972 SB 24/02/15
2.3.2 Combo Box Filters for Boiler Plate Text and Document Templates. #818944 JMB 23/02/15
2.3.2 New user template list now reflects the DivisionsAllowed setting. #818971 JMB 23/02/15 Shift Confirmation Notifications. Automatic confirmation notifications can be sent on shift confirmation. Can be email, SMS or print. Branding can be applied to HTML email. Requires IQX configuration. #818965 SB 19/02/15 Add Vacancy site name, to Company (vacancy & placement) + Person (placement) views. #818968 JMB 19/02/15 Add Vacancy Site Email Address to options when sending CE Emails. #818959 JMB 18/02/15 Shift, Confirmation. A change validation function can block, warn, bring up person, vacancy etc on temp or client confirm or unconfirm #818950 SB 02/02/15 Appointment Reminders, add ability to remove all users linked at once.#818953 JMB 27/1/15 Vacancy/Person cancel shift button, now warns users if no shifts are selected.#818127 JMB 23/1/15 Fix for Ad Hoc Invoice Templates not remembering Company or Placement. .#818957 SB 21/01/15 Questionnaire. Proper Error message if try to change code of ChoiceID#818954 JMB 21/01/15 Contact Event Insert Text - boiler plate now evaluates fields eg APP_NAME from shift views.#818956 JMB 16/01/15 Department Selection dropdowns now obey sort order. SB 13/01/15 Fix bug when email sent from htmleditor, and mail system is Outlook 2002 (not editable email) JMB 13/01/15 If Terminology→Salutation is not 'Salulation', use Salutation as part of they keyname JMB 13/01/15 Placement Selector Mailmerge. Fix bug on New Button JMB 17/12/14 Contact Event - Synety recording button - trap error message if no recording exists.#818945 JMB 17/12/14 Person, Timesheets. Create button added. Will ask for a period then create provisional timesheets.#818947 SB 17/12/14 Temp Shift Plan Allowed user-maintained function added. Can check vacancy, date, times and template. #818908 SB 16/12/14 Company Placement, Add “WITHDRAWN” in front of job title, if placement withdrawn JMB 16/12/14 Vacancy Short List (Remove Button), fix sql bug JMB 15/12/14 JobRunner. WAIT command added takes real attribute “seconds”. #818922 SB 15/12/14 Placement. New company contacts view added to allow quicker contact event creation. #818930 SB 10/12/14 Vacancy, Short List. Interview date and time can now be entered directly on grid. #547125 SB 10/12/14

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