Release 2.2.10

Note: If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.

Version Feature / Change
2.2.10Tempdesk Shifts view Process Button. Allows multi and single select where Ctrl+click has been used to select rows.
2.2.10Default Mail Merge to Email Selection (All, with Address, without Address) can be set up via Email/Telephony switch (330).
2.2.10Document management system for Compliance teams will link documents via type to specific questions for easier work flow, and allow redacting of documents. A Compliance Documents view will show on the Person record. Documents have to be dragged from Inbox email, or a folder, or transferred from Document view and will always open the Management form. This is activated in General Settings, General, 1810, set Hide Document Pack Sending System to N.
2.2.10Person record, Diary view – a new column for Shift, Their Ref.
2.2.10A New menu option can be added to the Select menu – Shifts (Our Ref) ALT-F8, to search for a specific shift using the Our Ref number. Activate in General Settings, Temp, 1000 Show Shift (Our Ref) Y.
2.2.10Tempdesk. Temps view: Extra options to filter by Placed Today or New to Agency.
2.2.10Tempdesk. Temps view: Can now access associated Companies/Vacancies/Placements via the Process button.
2.2.10Shift Filler view. New Switch to change the size of the details section at the bottom of the shift view so that small screens will see less lines of shifts and more detail of the selected shift. Set in General Settings, Temp 890 as a Percent of form.
2.2.10Custom Word Mail Merge Fields are now accessible in Boiler Plate Text. See help text on Boiler Plate Text View.
2.2.10Shift confirmation – When confirming a group of shifts if the Confirmed With name is entered on the first line, the subsequent lines with automatically fill with the same name.
2.2.10If changing a vacancy from Perm to Temp a new field shows to enable the Temp Desk and payroll company analysis to be set, and not forgotten. Set in General Settings, Settings, 1780, ‘Vacancy Desk Change or Perm to Temp show Analysis’.
2.2.10Terminology for changing Composite Companies has been added. General Settings.
2.2.10Question Headings - Headings can show “Has Answers” if any questions under this heading have answers. This is useful if a lot of questions with headings that open collapsed. Turn on in Questionnaire Maintenance.
2.2.10Shift and Contract Placement Confirmations - IQX can automatically send standard confirmation emails. Extra IQX customisation is required to use this.
2.2.10psHealth Integration - IQX can link to psHealth, a provider of case management and mobile healthcare solutions.
2.2.10Person - Compliance View - A view to show compliance progress in a graphic form. General Settings 1760 “Custom Person Compliance View” will turn this on. Extra IQX customisation is required to code this for an Agency.
2.2.10When filling a Shift with a Secondary Agency candidate – an Expand button and Alert column have been added.
2.2.10Shift Filler view - Use Shift + click to select a range of shifts, can be used in both to Cancel Shift in bulk and to Process just the selected shifts.
2.2.10Tempdesk, Shift Vacancies view. Cancelled shifts will be shown if not temp confirmed rather than just on the Temps.
2.2.10Email. New Ability to use an external email sender for automatic emails - e.g. Exchange Web Services.
2.2.10Company, Miscellaneous. “Less PDF Security” will relax PDF security on invoices to allow content copying. Needs to be set on the Invoicing company record.
2.2.10Ability to log off inactive users after a set number of idle minutes which is useful if licences are under strain but would stop a mail merge process. Set General settings, Automatic Log Off Idle Time, 1770.
2.2.10Progress and Placement selector views. Custom columns are now available.
2.2.10New Person. If a CV has been parsed a Clear Parse button is available for when the parsing fails to find suitable information.
2.2.10On mail merges there is a new step that allows records to be set according to Marketing rules - All, Subscribed, Un-subscribed using the setting in the Contact or Person record. There is a Setting to set the default radio button in General Setting, Settings switch 1740 (Person Mailer Subscribe Default.
2.2.10Tempdesk, Temps. Right-clicking on a day has an additional option “Available at Time”. This will ask for start and end times defaulting to next hour and 3 hours later. The times entered will be shown in the column heading, the list of temps will be filtered to just ones with Availability covering these times and the rightclick option changes to “Clear Available at Time”.
2.2.10Button added to Person record Documents view, enabling selected MS Office, Doc or Docx document to be imported into CV. If a CV already exists, it is automatically archived.
2.2.10Person, Salutation. General Settings, Terminology, 720, “Salutation Name”. If this is anything other than the default “Salutation” an extra column will appear on Tempdesk, Temps and Shift Filling. Also the salutation will be more prominent on the Person form.
2.2.10Vacancy/Person (Shift) can now cancel more than 1 shift at a time. Use Ctrl+click to select the lines so that they are highlighted. There is a warning to show how many lines will be cancelled.
2.2.10When finding a person with the Select Person dialog searching by Registration Number happens when the search term contains a number not just starts with one.
2.2.10Vacancy, Withholding. A Withhold from everything bar this Vacancy feature added. Maintained on Vacancy, ShortList with the Exclusive button. Requires “Can maintain Clearance/Compliance” role.
2.2.10Timesheet Cancel and Correct. Any attached image is linked to replacement timesheet.
2.2.10When filling shifts the view can be filtered by ticking “Hide Duplicate and Filled Shifts”. It can be set to be ticked by Default.
2.2.10Vacancy, Override Rate Schemes. General Settings, Switchable Views, 610 “Show Vacancy Override Rate Schemes” will add the view to Vacancy. Use requires IQX setup.
2.2.10Timesheet. If the timesheet has an attached PDF or image file this is displayed in a new view on the completed timesheet.
2.2.10Extra check for NEXT year’s payroll, with option to open Payroll years view, to ensure that the yearend functions smoothly.
2.2.10Diagnostics, Login Abuse feature, shows attempts to break into IQX; looking for password hacking attempts, looks for User ID guessing attempts and login attempts with defunct users.
2.2.10All Selectors, key alternative for clicking Search button on Search view. ALT + R is now shortcut key to push Search.
2.2.10All Selectors, key alternative for clicking Apply button on Filter view. ALT + Y is now shortcut key to push Apply button.
2.2.10A Vacancy Headline is now available to show custom information. Setup via database functions, and displayed beneath client department.
2.2.10Questionnaires, Choices. Read only added, only applies to Multiple Selection. Allows making Wildcard Groupings (where there is an & in the code) not selectable.
2.2.10New switchable view for Perm Placements on Desktop as an alternative to Unauthorised Placements, will filter to show Authorised and Unauthorised, Today, Previous month or All. Set in general settings, switchable views No 550.
2.2.10Vacancy, Shift Templates. Find button added to search a long list by part of the Description.
2.2.10Making a User ‘Not in Use’ can now be a 2 stage process. New switch General (1720) to allow recently left consultants to be listed separately on forms like desktop. Consultant must be ticked for ‘Not in use’, and a leave date must be set. Those ‘Not in use’ will be shown in red on user selector.
2.2.10Maintenance, Agency Setup, Branch Images. IQX background image can now be stored in the database per branch. Images can also be by user branch.
2.2.10Bulk SMS or contact events on person, company, progress selectors can now select all/highlighted or except highlighted.
2.2.10Contact Events. If the Contact Event is for a phone call made through Synety VOIP system Get Recording and Get Statistics buttons are shown.
2.2.10Maintenance, Database setup, Additional Audit Items are now available. Check the list to see if further setting is required for your Agency.
2.2.10Timesheet Dispatch (tempdesk/timesheet). Can now set or clear individual timesheets, by right clicking dispatch column on the Timesheets view grid. Must have general settings Temp 760-767 setup.
2.2.10Previous Progress State. On Vacancy Shortlist, can toggle columns between previous progress state, and current state. Person Progress listed as an extra column.
2.2.10Vacancy Diary & Person Diary. Start Time (display only) can be changed via switch, General Settings, Start time for Diary Grid (1650).
2.2.10Desktop, Inbox. Where Duplicate Email Addresses are found the Contact name is highlighted in red. There is now a prompt to select contact before saving as contact event or replying to the message.
2.2.10Dynamic CV - A PDF CV can have a report appended or prepended (added to the front or the back). The report is passed the person ID and may be passed a departmentid depending on context. A Preview CV button has been added to the Person, CV view. See General Settings, Settings 1490 and 1491 for more information. IQX will be required to write the report.
2.2.10Social Media - Phone Types with Capability “M” can have a social media type (Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Twitter linked). If the appropriate Phone Type for person, company or contact exists data can be entered in the form. If data is entered the relevant button will appear at the top. The data is interpreted by the system function “SocialMediaResolve” and can be in various formats from username to full URL with protocol.
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