Release 2.2.7

Note: If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.
* before a version number indicates that the version is available for testing, not yet fully released.
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Version Feature / Change 2.2.7 release only release - Appointments - Contact name now shown. Contact Events - Notes can now be added when creating these. Elements - Placements Elements can be made editable after authorisation. Contact IQX support to enable. Desk - Timesheet Query Log view added for communication between back and front office staff. Queries can be added for timesheets or documents. A Temp General Setting “Show TS Query Log” turns this on. Queries can be added from Temp Desk - Timesheets, a provisional or completed timesheet and Accounts - Timesheet Image Link. Marking as completed and changing resolution can be audited Claims - Receipted expenses can be entered for transfer to Accord Payroll. Expense types can be defined in Maint-Temps. History can be viewed for a temp. A Temp General Setting “Allow Receipted Expenses Claims Entry” turns this on. Claims can be entered from Person-Temp-Expense Claims, Temp Desk-Temps and Temp Desk-Expense Claims for invoice emailing removing PDF for invoice emailing not working bug Top - Placements requiring authorisation view added Emailing - functions added to return body and subject of email Invoice - will be stored under Account Code/ Date folder structure with filename of Invoice Number. Invoice - timesheet images added in date then temp keyname order Invoice printing - add printer selection dialog linked - fix bug hiding Company Accounts view Role added to block editing Person, Payroll page Temp Invoices - add list of timesheets, buttons for timesheet, placement, temp and document All Invoices - buttons for company image linking form has ability to show multiple weeks provisional timesheets. image linking form has had buttons moved to improve usability added to Contact Events, Progress, Reminders and Appointments to allow sorting in Desk Top - loading and refresh time reduced for Person form. Messaging - date format corrected for Shifts Available completing - fix copying of attached file from provisional Image linking - added right click on timesheet list Find Timesheet Invoicing - Ability (when Accord linked) to automatically add NI recharge line to invoice by timesheet or line Payroll - add user-maintained function to return NI recharge description, nominal code and VAT Payroll - add IQX-maintained function to lookup actual NI for invoicing Invoicing - add start date filter to allow invoicing before start date Invoicing - fix for adding the same TIF file more than once Image linking - added launch TIFF associated viewer, fix saving Scripts - added whole week overtime threshold to ThresholdAdd command Image linking - remember position in timesheet list when refreshing Image linking - added division, fix link and open filename bug Invoicing - Add VAT rate and date check message Invoicing - Show VAT rate on date check message Image linking - added zoom, rotate and No Link buttons Perm Invoicing bug when overriding invoice format Payroll - Support payroll companies having different identifiers in IQX and Accord Invoicing - Use INVEMAIL placement element browse for a folder in Maintenance, Export Options for internally linked timesheet images not displaying for “Placing will register in Vacancy Temp Desk” General Settings, Temps not working - General Settings - Email/Telephony - Switch “Do not include Company name in SMS” produces shorter shift details in SMS - General Settings - Email/Telephony - Switch “Progress Mail Merge defaults to Applicants” instead of company - General Settings - Accounts - Switch “New Account Code Form” turns on new Company form relating to the account code - General Settings - Accounts - Switch “PDF Invoice includes scanned timesheets”. If a scanned timesheet exists, will attach to PDF invoice - General Settings - Accounts - Switch “Restrict Editing TS Company to Accounts Users” Restrict editing company information when completing a timesheet to users with Accounts rights - General Settings - Temps - Switch “Timesheet Scanned Image name internally stored”. IQX will maintain a link between a timesheet and scanned file. Needed for multi-temp timesheets. Menu - Wording changes. Send Invoices was Email Invoices. Batch Print Invoices was Print Invoices - Export -new centralised exporting option for timesheets, invoices etc. added. - Timesheet Link - Only available if Switch “Timesheet Scanned Image name internally stored” is on. Manual linking of scanned timesheets to timesheets. Also allows page splitting of multi-page TIFF files. - Accounts - Export Options - setup and maintenance of centralised exporting option. - Temps - Payroll Companies - setup and maintenance of Payroll Companies. Shows last transfer number (Accord only)., Send Invoices has extra filtering and sorting options and a view button., Send Invoices has expand button to see invoice details and timesheets for temp invoices. Can go directly to timesheet details, vacancy and temp. Can view associated scanned timesheets. Invoicing - two new timesheet grouping options. Company and Period. Company, Order No. and Period Timesheet Viewer now has button to view outside of IQX for dual monitor use - Diary List - if a future popup description will be coloured red - Progress - can now drag and drop a vacancy from the Vacancy Selector to add the person to the shortlist for that vacancy - IQX will warn Maintenance users on start-up if Payroll Years are not set for the current year - New view to show linked timesheets from cancellation and replacement - When creating a new invoicing company for a company copy credit days etc. from original company. - Vacancies. Shift desks. When filling shifts can filter for previously worked for Company or Vacancy - Shortlist. Re-organise buttons for future development.Add “Not Finished” button to hide states treated as final. Events for Mail Merges - Callback Date and Time and “Make Available to All” tick box added. - Full error message now shown when a report errors not just “Unable to open report”. Confirmations - Can now be done for more than one week at a time.

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