Release 2.2.5

Note: If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.
* before a version number indicates that the version is available for testing, not yet fully released.
x before a version number indicates that the version is not yet available

Version Feature / Change - Bulk CV Import - User role added “Can perform Bulk CV Import”. Default off - Bulk CV Import - If Agency Setup, Miscellaneous Settings, Initial Applicant State is set no other state can be selected. - Shifts - User role added “Can move a Shift to another Vacancy”. Default off - Shifts - Fix for non-standard Windows settings making From and To times unreadable - Fix for general setting “Require End Date for Temp Vacancies and Placements” not working for contract desks with “Shifts on Contract Tempdesk” on“Cannot apply BDE changes” message will no longer be shown - Shifts - Allow editing of Temp and Client confirmed on Provisional and Booked shifts Documents - Open button added to viewer for graphics files to launch application associated with file extension. Normally Microsoft Picture and Fax Viewer. for bug with users with restricted division access clicking on Working on Week in TempDesk, Temps Build. Will bring up message if cannot apply BDE change to allow reports to show JPEG over 32kb., Invoice and Credit - Fix for Sybase 10 issue truncating Nominal Codes., Users - New Layout Setting to hide DeskTop Progress due for Action. - 2 new options. Diary in list format and combined Progress due for Action, Diary and Contact Events due for Callback. Turned on by Maintenance, User, Layout Settings. updates will now stop with a warning if users or scheduled tasks are connected. an appointment now does not require “Can delete major records” User Role. a new Temp Vacancy will set up a Work Pattern of Monday - Friday and pick up General Settings, Temps, Work Pattern Start Time and Hours., Miscellaneous, External Price List added to General Settings, Terminology. Also to Maintenance, Temps can be made with consultants from any division. - New P45/Leave mini wizard on payroll allowing extra options. - Pay Bands - Is Expenses added. BUILD ONLY. DO NOT INSTALL for payroll added to payroll view. for JPEG > 32 kb display on report issue. - Document templates can be linked to Payment Methods. saving provisional timesheet when on shifts page. - About will show WPK version. - Sybase 8 problem with timesheet entry. for new installs - Sybase 10 problem with not allowing blank NI numbers. On Sybase update needs to be manually applied - Vacancy, Short List sorting by Action Date error. - Add Document, entering a file name and clicking New tried to open the file., Email :- right-click option to temporarily change invoice email addresses. Scripts :- now allow amounts other than 1 in AddLumpSum. Maint :- now single branch form for editing all except address. Document Storage Folder added, used when attaching to email., Placements :- Process button now gives choice of Placements, Temps, Vacancies, Companies and Contacts., Timesheets :- Colour Legend added., Shifts :- Add Secondary Agency name and colouring., Registering :- will warn if Perm or Temp not ticked., History :- Withhold will now offer to withhold from linked companies. :- Contact Event callback time changes and Document add/remove., Current Vacancies :- TheirRef Switchable field added., Current Vacancies :- change End Date to End/Expiry. Perm = Expiry Date Temp = End Date., Current Vacancies :- Process button added., Backup Log :- Instructions added to be followed on backup failure. :- Maint has Collapse tick box. If ticked Questionnaire Heading opens collapsed (if not a Heading then ignored). to move Contact Event Outcome to end of grids. :- Add Contact Event colour to forms. Addresses layout changed., Attaching Docs :- Add Placement and Vacancy docs. Disable options not available. :- Contact Event Text as body when emailing with letter as attachment. :- Include IQX Signature tick box to suppress signature. Confirm :- Tick all/none buttons added. Adding Shifts :- Will now allow break minutes and respects moveable from template. :- Link to multiple consultants. :- If linked changes to notes, start and end times are shared. :- Recurring by days added. :- Copy an appointment. :- Closing IQX wirh reminders open will bring up a warning message. :- If IQX terminates abnormally with reminders open will retain them. CV Import :- Try to extract name, address, phone, email, DOB, gender CV Import :- Auto-fill selected department questionnaire Events :- Include salutation in display of name. asking for Letter Signatory respect defunct and divisions allowed., Roles :- Position, Department, list of roles added. Also sorting. Provisional Timesheets changed for Shift based Temp Desks so that Prov TS are NOT created if no shifts exist for the week in question, even if the Placement continues beyond the week.

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