Release 2.2.3

Note: If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.
* before a version number indicates that the version is available for testing, not yet fully released.
x before a version number indicates that the version is not yet available

Version Feature / Change SSL functionality issue + F11 Invoice to go to Client form, Accounts view, rather than Transaction list Rate Scheme maint allow clearing secondary agency bug in new fast shift matching for secondary agency temps - Agency, Temps and Accounts Setup - Config Log added to allow recording of changes to the system - Progress - Contact Event - Improve loading speed. Add index to ContactEvent on staffid and callbackdate, rewrite from and where SQL matching - where tepms are set as “Only match if known available” they are excluded from the master search list if they have no explicit availability in the period concerned can call IQXNet web services using <WebService> - see JobRunner docs for details queries use unidirectional cursors - performance improvement for large exports support HTTPS in HTTPRequest. URL must be prefixed HTTPS:// and Open SSL dlls: ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll must be present in the exe folder or the windows\system32 folder. dlls can be obtained from IQX or Both dlls must be the same version filler can Auto-Fill for a single temp. The temp must be set “Only match if known available” explicit User Roles for MailMerge, Email Mergeing, SMS etc choice analysis codes added - colour legend added Selector - date range can now be based on Start Date or Placement Date of placement element changes made on placement form for now available of changes to Temps Splits now available of changes to shift start and end times now available documents can be automatically added to PDF invoices length of placement can be controlled - contact IQX for details of how to configure this - several steps are involved shift notes andded to Shift Filler Short List allows sort by interview date Short List process button allows for multiple row selection Timesheets - general settings switch adds period filter - defaults to 10 weeks previously Selector - new states filter option - “All except client” Shift Templates Maintenance now has optional department filter can now be maintained with other Expense Benefit settings layout options now includes Hide Tempdesk Cascades options to limit number of emails fetched when Inbox opened and to set automatic refresh timings:
Inbox Limit
0 = no limit
anything else = max number of emails to bring back

Inbox Refresh Rate
0 = no auto refresh
anything else = refresh every x minutes setting to over-ride default suffix for contra and replacement timesheets added to General Settings - Temps setting “Placement Their Ref Fixed” to prevent timesheet Their Ref updating Placement Tehir Ref added to General Settings - Temps Timesheet Viewer button added to Timesheet Form + F11 brings up new Invoice Search Form General Settings - Accounts setting to require Their Ref for invoices facility to change the credit date when crediting staged payments selectors in Diary, Placement, Contact Event etc can optionally show a group of Users Not in Use - controlled by new User Role - “Can see Consultants Not in Use”, Vacancy and Employment tables now have an automatically maintained LastContactEvent timestamp which can be used by search criteria and reports to speed up searching. The fields are not visible in IQX button for Company Contact Selector added to the main button bar. This avoids the need to open the Company Selector and then click on Contacts Events view on Progress form now includes contact events where the candidates CV was included in a CV send out Invoicing - TIF, JPG, BMP and PNG graphics files can now be merged in Form - new Cascaded Shifts view - Contact Events due for Callback now has the facility to select and process ticked rows

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