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Note: If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.
* before a version number indicates that the version is available for testing, not yet fully released.
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Version Feature / Change Support for parallel running of Accord with other payroll systems. Fix for video buttons in accounts not working. Questionnaires - Publish to web for question and don't publish for choice added. Add database startup event to fix null logoff times after server power cut. Company - Primary Contact line moved out of Contact Name concatenation. Auditing of Placement Notes, Start, Leave, Contact Start, Leave, Job Title, User Roles, Layout Settings . Staged Invoicing Temp and Perm. Company, Placements view – filter added to see only Current Temp Placements. Short List – add a button to make a Progress CE with the candidate line selected in Short List . Nominal Code Segments - Sort Order added. User Role for editing Temp Shift Templates. User Layout Setting to hide Person P45 Button. Logging for Tempaid and Sage batch transfers added. Warning about saving reports with filenames over 50 characters. Ability to override Invoice Layout added to Vacancy and Company. New switches and fields in document, company and vacancy to control creating and saving PDF copies of invoices with scanned timesheets and other documents. Viewer/printer for saved PDF. Placement - new accounts view with ad-hoc invoices and credit note creation. for odd date settings on user pc’s causing issues with placement rates in shifts on vacancy. for Sybase 10 performance issues on shift matching. for rounding issues in timesheet wizard . for incoming HTML or large emails missing body text. appointment/reminder form allowing linking to multiple consultants. character Analysis Code added to temp pay bands. selector – searching by reference now requires an explicit #. role for editing composite company templates “Can edit Composite Company Templates”. for linked appointment/reminders added to Client, Person, Vacancy, Placement & Progress forms. - Expense Benefit - Fix for Type dropdown not displaying correctly. Temps switch (Expense Benefit Declaration). Any text entered here will be displayed on Shift Expense Benefit page during Timesheet entry

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