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Note: If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.
* before a version number indicates that the version is available for testing, not yet fully released.
x before a version number indicates that the version is not yet available

Version Feature / Change Settings switch allowing linking to external documents. fix for Database Diagnostics, Audit Trail, Count producing out of memory errors. for linking to Accord Payroll. Accounts switch ( Accord Linked ) to control editing of payroll number. - Fix for viewing text files. - Cannot now delete vacancies with Shortlists or Contact Events. Adder - Fixed problem with long company names by only using first 50 characters. Scripts - Fix to prevent showrate being executed when shift is flagged neither to pay nor bill. selector forms made wider. form resizing behaviour changed. List of tags stretch not choices. to Web on Document views moved. To Web added to document views. dialog to present consistent interface for adding documents in Person, Company, Vacancy and Placement copying shifts warn that some cannot be filled due to unavailability or pre shift validation. New report available to view details. New tempdesk report to show details available “Shifts Problem Copying”. divisions allowed and archived on email → contact event Search, add new state 'All Current' include all states being treated as 'Current' Export. Added switchable currency and CHAPS and International payment methods Pay in lieu saves weeks holiday due instead of 1. Added option to request P45 if pay in lieu timesheet permissions .docx Word documents to be imported to allow people without Accounts Role to remove P45 requested Hours tab when entering contract timesheet availability last/next year leap year bug function for bulk person emailing on shiftticker and shiftmatch to auto create contact events from email,fax,sms,print field codes from imported cvs extra checking to Copy Shifts command added to rate script and Placement work pattern for contract jobs export changes controlled by General settings timesheet. Completion Hours view added timesheet. Completion Rate script processing Autocomplete timesheets Add hours to contract placement view with right-click option to change Add hours to Timesheet view and viewer for scanned timesheets Timesheet autocomplete option Matcher. Autofill option added Matcher. Custom sorting function Matcher. Separate colour for previously in vacancy linking in Document views invoices export improvements Desk timesheets and placements- client sort subsorts by temp filtering of contact event types by consultant

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