Release 2.2.10

Note: If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.
* before a version number indicates that the version is available for testing, not yet fully released.
x before a version number indicates that the version is not yet available

Version Feature / Change Desktop→Inbox. Prevent crashing when email contains spurious pdf attachments JMB 25/05/2015 Fix Applicant Shift Matcher Custom Columns (General settings, switchable fields, 1234) JMB 27/3/2015 Boiler Plate text, correct formatting of COM_ADDRESS JMB 27/3/2015 Candidate Diary Availability, fix table not found error JMB 27/3/2015 Desktop→Inbox. Prevent crashing when email contains incomplete attachments JMB 20/3/2015 Mailmerge picking up incorrect details JMB 20/3/2015 Tempdesk Shifts Process Button. Allows multi and single select JMB 20/3/2015 Vacancy Search, increase space for count button. JMB 20/3/2015
* Reply to all Email. Fix bug where from address getting over written, change desktop form activate/deactivate JMB 21/11/14
* If bandinscheme construct in rate script. MHS 18/11/14
x2.2.10.20 Change to form Position, now checks global settings 'Form Position Remembering'. JMB 13/11/14
x2.2.10.19 Default Mail merge Print Selection (All, with Address, without Address) set up via Email / Telephone switch (330). JMB 05/11/2014
x2.2.10.19 Changing General Settings, General, 1810, Hide Document Pack Sending System to N will now show document management system. SB 27/10/2014
x2.2.10.19 Care Recipient, Contact Events - Process button added. SB 22/10/2014
x2.2.10.19 Person Diary view - Shift Their Ref will sow, if exists JMB 16/10/2014
x2.2.10.19 Maintenance→Document Types, add in search functionality JMB 10/10/2014
x2.2.10.19 New menu option ALT-F8 off select menu, to select tempshift with an our refer, set switch temp(1000) JMB 8/10/2014
x2.2.10.19 NetUser: new delete button, and ability to delete netuser if not links JMB 6/10/2014
x2.2.10.19 Tempdesk. Temps : Option to filter by Placed Today or New to Agency + can access client/vacancy/placement via process button.#595362 JMB 6/10/2014
x2.2.10.19 Shift Filler view. New Switch to change the size of the details section on shift view. Percent of form details (Temp 890).#818894 JMB 6/10/2014
x2.2.10.19 Person, History. Auditing added for job title, start, end dates, salary, notes and details. Also adding and deleting.#817976 SB 23/9/2014
x2.2.10.19 Custom Word Mail Merge Fields accessible in Boiler Plate Text, see help text on Boiler Plate Text View.#818916 JMB 18/9/2014
x2.2.10.19 Shift confirmation - Automatic duplication 'Confirmed with' entry.#818915 JMB 18/9/2014
* General Settings, Settings, 1800, “Show Rate Filter 3 Description”. This will show the output of SpecialityLookup function instead of the 4 character Filter 3. Requires IQX configuration. SB 30/9/2014
* General Settings, Settings, 1780, “Vacancy Desk Change or Perm to Temp show Analysis”. This will show/hide Analysis Codes when changing vacancy tempdesk or Perm to Temp, default Show. SB 25/9/2014
* Terminology for Composite Companies added. SB 12/8/2014
* Person based Timesheet Image Linking and Timesheet Querying. Users with “Can process person-based Timesheet Images” role and without “Accounts” role are now treated as “Timesheet Input” people and queries raised go to “Accounts” users. 12/9/2014 SB
* Question Headings - Headings can show “Has Answers” if any questions under this heading have answers, useful if a lot of questions with headings that open collapsed. Turn on in Questionnaire Maintenance. SB 12/9/2014
* Shift and Contract Placement Confirmations - IQX can send confirmation emails. Extra IQX customisation is required to use this. SB 12/8/2014
* psHealth Integration - IQX can link to psHealth, a provider of case management and mobile healthcare solutions. SB 12/8/2014
* Person - Compliance View - A view to show compliance progress. General Settings 1760 “Custom Person Compliance View” will turn this on. Extra IQX customisation is required to use this. SB 3/7/2014
* JobRunner - Export - WriteExcelCell - rotation attribute added SB 15/7/2014
* Shift Fill - Sec Agency - Expand buttons / Alert columns Added #818913 JMB 18/7/2014
* JobRunner Checkbox (form) can now be left/right alignment (see wiki) #809818 JMB 22/7/2014
* JSON Query in JobRunner (see wiki) MHS 11/7/2014
* Enhancements to JSON writing in JobRunner (see wiki) MHS 11/7/2014
* Shift Filler view - Use Shift + click to select range, used in both Cancel Shift and Process.#818895 JMB 10/07/2014
* Shift Filler view. Change Update, Save & Close and Close to smaller buttons with just the standard images. Add 'cancel shifts' button, only works for unfilled shifts, all others ignored.#818893 JMB 10/07/2014
* Tempdesk, Vacancies, Weekly Shift view. Cancelled shifts will be shown if not temp confirmed.#511472 9/07/2014 SB
* Person, Payroll. Changes to AWR Exemption Reason can be audited. 7/07/2014 SB
* Tempdesk, Shifts. The filter will not now clear on changes to sorting or tickboxes. 25/06/2014 SB
* Email. Ability to use an external email sender - e.g. Exchange Web Services. 1/7/2014 MHS
* Company, Miscellaneous. “Less PDF Security” will relax PDF security to allow content copying. Invoicing company. 25/06/2014 SB
* Expense Benefits can be entered after timesheet completion before payroll export. 24/06/2014 MHS
* HTML Email viewer and editer. MHS
* Care Recipient (Person). Alert added to top right view. 24/06/2014 SB
* Maintenance, Agency Setup, Document Types. Fix for errors when sorting by column headings. 24/06/2014 SB
* Maintenance, Users, Own Audit Trail. Fix for date range not working. 24/06/2014 SB
* Ability to log off inactive users after set idle minutes (#818859). Set General settings, Automatic Log Off Idle Time, 1770. 18/6/2014 JMB
* Diagnostics, Report Details. Name changed to “Report & Job Details”, Last Used added and loading optimised. NOTE first database update will take longer.#818880 9/06/2014 SB
* JobRunner. JSON writing commands added, see wiki, Import and Export page. 5/06/2014 SB
* Person-based Timesheet Image linking. Extra documents attached to the timesheet will also be stamped with the timesheet number. 29/05/2014 SB
* Vacancy Search. The final page now has the ability to include withheld people. This is all withholding methods including exclusive to another vacancy. 13/05/2014 SB
* Person based Timesheet Image Linking. Create Timesheet button will now support future weeks if the Previous Weeks is set to a negative value. 8/05/2014 SB
* New Timesheet Questionaire. 8/05/2014 JMB
* Questionaires (off Maintenance) can now order the question columns. 8/05/2014 JMB
* Tempdesk, Vacancies. When “All” selected and Hide Defunct setting is on vacancies from defunct desks are hidden. 7/05/2014 SB
* Maintenance, Temps Setup, Tempdesk. Division filter added. 6/05/2014 SB
* Invoices and other PDF documents generated by IQX will be protected by random passwords.#818741 5/05/2014 SB
* Password checking. IQX maintenance usernames are excluded from expiry, length etc. checking.#818854 5/05/2014 SB
* New Person. A “Load CV” now available to browse for a CV if adding a new person. #265163 30/04/2014 SB
* Progress and Placement. Custom columns are now available. #818868 30/04/2014 SB
* JobRunner. “<>'& CR LF and Tab available as system fields. #689866 28/04/2014 SB
* Vacancy. Perm to Temp or changing desk will now bring up a dialog. #818866 24/04/2014 SB
* Person. If a CV has been parsed a Clear Parse button is available. #818761 23/04/2014 SB
* Reports. Printing a report will update the audit record with “printed”. #578683 23/04/2014 SB
* Person-based Timesheet Image Linking. Change to workflow for orphan images - expand orphan image, select temp then view timesheets for that temp only or cancel to see all timesheets #818864 17/04/2014 SB
* General Settings, Temps,860 “Hide Detail on Batch Invoicing” will turn on Batch Invoicing without showing detail or requiring selecting. A “Detail” button will temporarily revert to the previous behaviour. #818863 17/04/2014 SB
* Changes to Completed Timesheet Pay and Charge will be audited, also, blank Pay or Charge cannot be saved. #818855 #818856 15/04/2014 SB
* Set the default screen setting for the Select Records (form), Marketing selection using switch 1740 (Person Mailer Subscribe Default), choice of All, Subscribe, Unsubscribe 15/04/2014 JMB
* Defunct Shift Templates can no longer be used when adding shifts. 10/04/2014 SB
* JobRunner. SQL errors in SetVariable, SQLExec and SQLSelect will now show the SQL as well as the error message. 8/04/2014 SB
* Care Recipient, Diary. Add Shifts button added. Will ask for a vacancy. 2/04/2014 SB
* Care Recipient, Diary. Fill and Confirm buttons added. Click on a shift first to select the correct vacancy. 2/04/2014 SB
* Tempdesk, Temps. Right-clicking on a day has an additional option “Available at Time”. This will ask for start and end times defaulting to next hour and 3 hours later. The times entered will be shown in the column heading, the list of temps will be filtered to ones with Availability covering these times and the rightclick option changes to “Clear Available at Time”. 31/03/2014 SB
* Button added to Person→Docs, enabling selected (word) document to be imported into CV. If a CV already exists, it is automatically archived #818857 27/3/14 JMB
* Person, Salutation. General Settings, Terminology, 720, “Salutation Name”. If this is anything other than the default “Salutation” an extra column will appear on Tempdesk, Temps and Shift Filling. Also the salutation will be more prominent on the Person form. 20/03/2014 SB
* Invoice Groupings. “One invoice per Account Code and Temp by Period, Number” added. Timesheets for companies with this option are only invoiced through “Batch Invoice Temp Timesheets” and will not appear in “Invoice Temp Timesheets” 20/03/2014 SB
* Maintenance, Tempdesks “Template Required for Shifts added on Timesheet” will force Shift Template selection when adding shifts on Timesheet Entry. 17/03/2014 SB
* Vacancy, Vacancy Limits. A limit and weekly target for shift hours for sets of shift templates can be created. This can then be reported on and checked in validations. 17/03/2014 SB
* Maintenance, Temps Setup, Shift Template Groups. Groups of Shift Templates can be created for quick adding to vacancy limits. 17/03/2014 SB
* Vacancy/Person (Shift) can now cancel more than 1 shift at a time. #377888 17/03/2014 JMB
* Added support for updating combo box choices to <SetControl> in Visual JobRunner. See <SetControl> 07/03/2014 MS When finding a person with the Select Person dialog searching by Registration Number happens when the search term contains a number not just starts with one. 25/2/14 SB Tempdesk, Shifts. If General Settings, Switchable Fields, 2500, “Shift Extra Process Option Caption” has a value an extra option will appear on the Tempdesk, Shifts, Process button menu. This will run a custom job in the reports folder called ShiftProcessButtonExtra.xml passing tempshiftplanid and tempshiftid. 17/2/14 SB Vacancy, Withholding. A Withhold from everything bar this Vacancy feature added. Maintained on Vacancy, ShortList with the Exclusive button. Requires “Can maintain Clearance/Compliance” role 13/2/14 SB Timesheet Cancel and Correct. Any attached image is linked to replacement timesheet. 12/2/14 SB Questionnaire maintenance. The character @ is now blocked in Question IDs. 11/2/14 SB Tempdesk, Hide Duplicates on Shift Filler. “Hide Duplicate and Filled Shifts” will be ticked by Default if turned on. 11/2/14 SB Timesheet Complete. Buttons can be shown on Shifts, Rates and Final page to launch a custom job to calculate mileage etc. General Settings, Switchable Fields, 2400 - 2402 will show the buttons. The job must be in reports folder and called TSEntryCustomJob.xml. It is passed page (“Shifts”, “Rates” or “Final”), provisional id (if present), person id and vacancy id. 10/2/14 SB Vacancy, Override Rate Schemes. General Settings, Switchable Views, 610 “Show Vacancy Override Rate Schemes” will add the view to Vacancy. Use requires IQX setup. 6/2/14 SB Person, Care Recipient, Company, Vacancy and Placement. Views to show a PDF file or report added. Visibility controlled by General Settings, Switchable Views 560 - 600. Content controlled by user function “Content for Document Display Views”. Click here for more information 3/2/14 SB Timesheet. If the timesheet has an attached PDF or image file this is displayed in a new view. 3/2/14 SB Temp Desk, Shifts. Sorting by custom column fixed 30/1/14 SB Custom Rate Override - TempCustomRateGenerator() called before rate script run. Allows expected rates to be replaced to be with others from VacancyOverride Rates or elsewhere - written into temp table TempCustomJobRate. Respected by both IQXNet & IQX. #818838 27/01/14 MS Custom Shift Fetcher - TempCustomShiftFetcher() executed before shifts fetched in timesheet wizard or before batch creating timesheets in shift timesheet TempDesks or by IQXNet. Intended to allow shifts to be fetched for processing from 3rd party systems. #818839 27/01/14 MS Extra check for NEXT years payroll, with option to open Payroll years view #818755 20/1/14 JMB JobRunner FormatExcelRows, FormatExcelCols now has border & bordercolour + can select a range of cells and rows. WriteExcelCell now puts a border around an empty cell #818807 20/1/14 JMB Diagnostics, Login Abuse feature, shows attempts to break into IQX; looking for password hacking attempts, looks for User ID guessing attempts and login attempts with defunct users. #818103 13/1/14 DB All woodpecker forms, shift wizard + viewer, with top and / or middle splitter, save splitter position when saving form position. In addition woodpecker forms restore splitters when going from maximised to normal view #818832 13/1/14 JMB Person , Care Recipient layout. Search and Register buttons removed. #818833 19/12/13 SB Person Selector, Search. Simplified for Care Recipient layout. #818834 19/12/13 SB All Selectors, Search. ALT + R is now shortcut key to push Search button. #818829 19/12/13 SB All Selectors, Filter. ALT + Y is now shortcut key to push Apply button. #818829 19/12/13 SB Vacancy Headline. Setup via database functions, and displayed beneath client department. 19/12/13 JMB Shift Filling. Form now obeys Save Position. 18/12/13 SB Questionnaires, Choices. Read only added, only applies to Multiple Selection. Allows making Wildcard Groupings not selectable. 18/12/13 SB New switchable view placement (perms) on Desktop, set general settings, switchable views No 550. #818824 16/12/13 JMB User, Audit Trail. Index added to DB to improve performance. #818827 16/12/13 SB Vacancy, Shift Templates. Find button added. #818813 16/12/13 SB Vacancy, Vacancy Roles. Fix for Add button on alternative view not calling Vacancy Role Filter correctly. 11/12/13 SB Maintenance, Temp Setup, Expense Benefit, Types. Fix for Expense Code not saving. 10/12/13 SB Making User Defunct a 2 stage process. New switch General (1720) to allow recently left consultants to be listed separately on forms like desktop. Consultant must be not in use, and leave date set. Not in use shown in red on user selector #818819 10/12/13 JMB Maintenance, Agency Setup, Branch Images. IQX background image can now be stored in the database. Images can also be by user branch. #468682 5/12/13 SB New Terminology for address fields, addr3, town, county and postcode 3/12/2013 JMB Bulk SMS or contact events on person, company, progress selectors can now select all/highlighted or except highlighted 29/11/13 JMB User, Own Audit Trail. New view with changes made to a user. 28/11/13 SB User, Audit Trail. Now defaults to today only. This is changes made by that user. 28/11/13 SB Person, Recipient Layout. New top right view added. 20/11/13 SB Care Recipients. Selector for Recipients and Contacts added. 20/11/13 SB Care Recipients. Recipient Name added to terminology. 20/11/13 SB Care Recipients. Recipient Identifier field added. 20/11/13 SB Care Recipients. Location Map added to layout. 19/11/13 SB Shift Filling. Tempdesk field “Specified Individual Shift Fill with any State” will allow filling shifts by “Specified Individual” in any State. 19/11/13 SB Documents, All. Add MS Office Document will now only allow valid Office extensions. 19/11/13 SB Desktop, Unauthorised Placements. Now obeys division access rights (by Person division). 19/11/13 SB Maintenance, Temps Setup, Shift Templates. Sorting by Time From and To added. Also added to Vacancy, Shift templates. 19/11/13 SB Vacancy, Short List. Select All button added. 19/11/13 SB Unfilled Shifts, Colour Coding. When external systems set the ColourOverride flag in TempShiftPlan this can be used to change colour coding on Tempdesk Shifts and Vacancy Shifts and Diary. General Settings, Colours, 481, “Shift Override Colour” is the colour to use. General Settings, Terminology, 653, “Shift Override Colour Caption” is the text to use on the legend. 18/11/13 SB Added new Rate Script commands Addmax & Addmin to provide ceiling and floor functionality when adding hours. 15/11/13 MS General Settings, Settings, 1670, “Show Readonly on Question Maintenance”. Allows questions to be marked as readonly when they are answered by external systems. DO NOT turn off for compliance questions. 1/11/13 SB scripts allow !»>command instead of !!!!command. Leading ! is still required. Rate scripts allow … or — or »> instead of three leading spaces. #818029 30/10/12 MS General Settings, Email/Telephony, 291, “Use External Phone System”. Allows external phone system to be configured. Currently only S = Synety supported. 24/10/13 SB Maintenance, Users. Synety Phone system parameters added. 24/10/13 SB Contact Events. If the Contact Event is for a phone call made through Synety Get Recording and Get Statistics buttons are shown. 24/10/13 SB Contact Events, Make Available to All. Fix for other changes being lost when used. 24/10/13 SB Maintenance, Users. Search option added to Roles and Layout Settings. 24/10/13 SB Maintenance, Users. Audit trail added. 24/10/13 SB Timesheet Dispatch (tempdesk/timesheet). Can now set/clear individual timesheets, by right clicking dispatch columns on timesheet grid. Must have general settings Temp 760-767 setup. 21/10/13 JMB Vacancy, Vacancy Roles. General Settings, Settings 1630 “Faster Loading Vacancy Roles ” will use an alternative view. 10/10/13 SB Changes to word interface to fix RPC error. 20/11/2012 JMB Expense Benefits, Maintenance. Fix for not saving new Type before adding Choices. 10/10/13 SB Mail merge /Boiler Plate Text. leading Default * character removed from Phone fields.2/10/2013 JMB Previous Progress State. On Vacancy Shortlist, can toggle columns between previous progress state, and current state. Person Progress listed as an extra column 1/10/2013 JMB Document views, type column now sortable. 1/10/2013 JMB Vacancy Diary & Person Diary. Start Time (display only) can be changed via switch, General Settings, Start time for Diary Grid (1650) 1/10/2013 JMB Composite Pay Company (off Maint temp setup). Both Save and update buttons will work the same as the Apply button, 1/10/2013 JMB Tempdesk, Shifts, Move Shift now calls the Shift Editing Allowed Function. 1/10/13 SB Person, Diary, Unavailability. Delete menu option now calls the Shift Editing Allowed Function. 1/10/13 SB Email. When emailing Person Compliance documents from a Contact Event archived copies are no longer sent. 1/10/13 SB General Settings, Settings, 1610, “Copy Vacancy Roles when duplicating vacancy”. Turn this off to stop vacancy roles being copied from Vacancy, Miscellaneous, Duplicate. Default on. 30/9/13 SB Existing Help buttons now directed to online Help via IQX wiki. #818758 20/9/13 MHS Expense Benefit Types. Sort Order added. Payroll Flag and Expense Code added for use by payroll transfer. 18/9/13 SB Tempdesk dropdowns. General Settings, Temps 850 “Hide defunct tempdesks” will remove defunct desks from dropdowns. #818748 4/9/13 SB Company, Details, Phones. General Settings, Switchable Fields 1225 “Move Web Site on Company” will move web site out of phones for quicker access. #512804 29/8/13 SB Person, Reference. Type Descriptions (Personal, Professional) can now be changed in General Setting, Terminology (650..652) 28/8/13 JMB Contact Event Selector. General Settings, Switchable Fields 2200 “Contact Event Selector show extra Line” will add an extra line showing the start of the text (tidied up) 28/8/13 SB Person, Diary, Book. Fix for AV when booking and no shifts. #818742 27/8/13 SB Vacancy, Search. General Settings, Switchable Fields, 920 “Vacancy Search show already Shortlisted” will include already shortlisted applicants in the results. 26/8/13 SB Tempdesk, TS Query Log. Button to prepend notes added defaulting to “Front office dealing with”. 26/8/13 SB Tempdesk, Images. Images linked to an archived query are now hidden. 26/8/13 SB Tempdesk, Shifts, Quick Fill. Will now show the Vacancy Shift Matcher Numeric Custom Column. 26/8/13 SB Person, Diary and Availability. Form for adding specified now has Save and Continue button to add multiple. Note this does not update the underlying form. 22/8/13 SB Person, Diary. Availability templates added to the dropdown no longer show Template ID. 22/8/13 SB Main Menu, Edit. Fix for error when no form open. 22/8/13 SB #818798 Auditing. Single Selection Question Audit will now show Choice ID : Description in old and new values. Multiple Selection will show Removed or Added in New Values. 20/8/13 SB Shifts. Note is extended from 20 to 100 characters. 20/8/13 SB Boiler plate text. New fields added eg VAC_SITENAME. Any phone type fields now require _PHN in the fieldname. For a full list see the boiler plate help off Maint, Agency Setup, Boiler Plate Text.14/8/13 JMB Vacancy, Department. General Settings, Settings 181 “Use wizard to change Vacancy Department” will force changing Department for a Vacancy to go through a wizard to ensure required Departmental Questions are answered. A “Change Dept.” button is added to top of form.13/8/13 SB Database function to set up filename if document emailed as letter as attachment. 12/8/13 JMB Vacancy, Miscellaneous, Duplicate. Add missing columns to rates copying. 7/8/13 SB Timesheet Entry. Fix for error message if trying to edit Placement Elements. 26/7/13 SB Company, AWR. Linked Companies button now shows a scrollable list. 18/7/13 SB Person, Company Contact. Filter to limit the number of Contact Events, Defaults to 50 16/7/13 JMB Desktop. Duplicate Email Addresses highlight in red. If duplicate there is now a prompt to select contact before saving as contact event or replying to message 12/7/13 JMB Temp desk. Vacancy Shift now has a count button 12/7/13 JMB Contact Event, Insert Text. Boiler Plate Selection now filtered by Division 12/7/13 JMB Person, Registration Date - Can now be audited. 9/7/13 SB Send Invoices, View, Add Docs - Fix for documents not adding. 9/7/13 SB Desktop, Current Vacancies - The custom column is now sortable. 20/6/13 SB Invoice Authorisation - Workflow improvement. Previewing and creating PDF/authorising are now separated. 19/6/13 SB Person Form - The top buttons now appear in 2 rows. This can be applied to custom forms by using the WPK “newline” view item. 6/6/13 SB Dynamic CV - A PDF CV can have a report appended or prepended. The report is passed the person ID and may be passed a departmentid depending on context. A Preview CV button has been added to the Person, CV view. See General Settings, Settings 1490 and 1491 for more information. #818776 6/6/13 SB Social Media - Phone Types with Capability “M” can have a social media type (Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Twitter). If the appropriate Phone Type for person, company or contact exists data can be entered in the form. If data is entered a button will appear at the top. The data is interpreted by the system function “SocialMediaResolve” and can be in various formats from username to full URL with protocol. # 6/6/13 SB Invoices - Credit Note creation for adhoc invoices. Accounting Date is now current date. 3/6/13 SB Compliance Document Questions - General Settings, Settings, 1500 “Make Compliance Document Type Questions Readonly”. #818777 29/5/13 SB Terminology - Name for Get in Touch view added. General Settings, Terminology, 646 “Name for Get in Touch” 29/5/13 SB New Person Button - This can be disabled by User Layout Setting “Hide Person New Button”. #818777 23/5/13 SB Custom column added to DeskTop, Current Vacancies, setup via General Settings Switchable Fields, no 2100-2107 #818751 23/5/13 JMB Shift Editing and Cancelling - User Maintained function “Temp Shift Editing Allowed” controls whether shifts can be edited or cancelled. This is in addition to existing edit restrictions. Applies to Shift Viewer, Person Diary, Vacancy Diary and Vacancy Shifts. #818771 22/5/13 SB Mail Merge : Subscribe/Un-Subscribe from Marketing. Options on Person→Get in Touch, and Company→Contact views. Run mailmerge to filter by marketing. In addition, Company Contact mailmerge now allows Single Letter per Person if multiple links in Group. 16/5/2013 JMB

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