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Note: If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.
* before a version number indicates that the version is available for testing, not yet fully released.
x before a version number indicates that the version is not yet available

Version Feature / Change warning message when mail merging Consultant combo no longer shows defunct consultants Desk Working Shifts in Week no longer shows temps with only cancelled shifts button on Shift Viewer button redraw glitch when dragging forms in Alternative User Interface issue with HTML Help on Windows Vista Crediting of Perm Placements.
New button on the Invoicing page of the placement form, appears only once Invoiced -iIt prompts for a percentage of the ORIGINAL FEE to be credited.
Successive Partial credits are allowed. i.e. If you credit 20% and then 30% the result will be 50% of the fee has been credited. It checks to See that cumulative partial credits will not exceed the original fee.
Cancel/Credit can still be used on an invoice which has partial credits. This will credit the remaining uncredited total and do a full cleanup (resulting in a lot of balancing placementanalysis lines resulting in correct balances in reports). improvements to SQL Tool, including record export, executing only highlighted commands and improvements to the database browser Ordered added to TempDesk shift view as sortable column SQLA v10 compatibility issue to Provisional Timesheet creation mechanism can now be allocated a Colour in Maintenance | Agency Setup | Division, this is then used to highlight records belonging to that Division. This can be useful in situations where a number of Divisions are visible to users but it is important to distinguish between them views now show Document Type and original file type. Optionally document size, compression flag and details of creation, update and last access date & user can be displayed facility to organise attached documents. Document Types can be created globaly or for People, Companies etc. These are maintained in Agency Setup. Individual attachments can then be classified. pick lists of Town & Country added to Company and Vacancy Site views. Default Town & Country support added to Company Terminology setting for Expense Benefit Map & Driving Directions added to Placement form Job Runner variables {ProgDir} & {UniqueKey} added Job Runner variables {ProgDir} & {UniqueKey} added separately licenced feature - Expense Benefit Sybase SQLA 10 support

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