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Note: If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.
* before a version number indicates that the version is available for testing, not yet fully released.
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Version Feature / Change for Vacancy mail-merge view “invisible button” issue fixed (numeric) custom column available in Shift Matcher, value derived from TempVacancyShiftMatch function“Loading Database … Please wait” splash screen continues to be displayed until application opens can now create CData sections in XML output more simply - use cdata=“yes” in <Write> tags<N1> & <N2> tokens now available for use in Data Dictionary Complex Expresions to include numeric ranges as criteria - To copy shifts for a single day to the same or a later week, hold down control when pressing 'Copy Shifts' button the Shift matchers, if the 'Respect default searches when criteria not visible' global switch is set, then whenever the vacancy search criteria are invoked invisibly the 'Global Vacancy Search' stored search is used as a fallback. When the search is displayed visibly, 'Global Vacancy Search' will always be invoked regardless of the switch setting. option on AHL Transfer view to allow re-transmisson of previous delta files buttons on Company Vacancy and Placement views required skills and grade can be now edited on the right-click menu Temp General Setting controls whether Cash is an allowable payment option button to run custom xml job from Person Selector. Useful for launching an import from a web site Diagnostics - Tools - SQLTrace now also displays the primary key fields of many records to aid de-bugging Event Questionaire now available. Activated in General Settings - Switchable Views to filter out placed candidates from the Company Contact list on the Company Form. Default setting controlled from General Settings Template maintenance now shows template size in KB links changed from MultiMap to Google Maps to duplicate Temp Rate Schemes <HTTPRequest> now handles binary responses wizard now has Description in separate view so scroll bars available feature to withhold candidates from a specific vacancy. The candidate is then excluded from all searching / shift filling etc for that vacancy. See the Vacancy Short List. added on user selector if there are users without passwords. Pressing the warning brings up the list of users without passwords in the selector grid of login procedure to reduce IQX loading time on slow WANs wizard Placement Element display now grayed to indicate read-only status with display of E-Timesheet numbers on Temp Desk resolved Shift client note shown in Shift Diary description and on Shift right-click menu caching of database configuration introduced to speed loading on slow WANs. Folder used is Documents and Settings\<The User>\Local Settings\Application Data\WPK\<DSN NAME>, where <DSN NAME> is the name of the ODBC DSN used to connect to the database and <The User> is the Windows user name. Controlled by localised setting in General Settings, so can be set for each branch. length restricted by switch in Email & Telephony area of Global Settings (MAXSMSLENGTH) Analysis button added to Database Diagnostics - Table Details Bar Make Contact Event etc buttons now work with the Recent Records Form in Switchable Fields to display a Company Job Site if defined in Phone Types terminology and sorting issues in Maintenance - Phone Types user defined buttons on the Button Bar can be configured in Switchable Fields. These can be used to launch URLs, documents, applications, batch files etc

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