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Note: If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.
* before a version number indicates that the version is available for testing, not yet fully released.
x before a version number indicates that the version is not yet available

Version Feature / Change Reference added to Person Shift Progress view for user specific menu structures added (amongst other things gives the ability to create special forms for candidate self-registration etc capability added to JobRunner. See: Zip/UnZip debugging commands in JobRunner. See: Debugging<If> statement added to JobRunner. See: <If> clients in Vacancy | Short List view Filter Shifts button on Active Shifts reminders / messages to multiple consultants. See the User selector & the Connections list in Maint | Diagnostics Shift Progress view on Person Record Shift Progress History Form selector on F11 now uses new Prov Timesheet Numbering method interface for calling jobs publish fields on questionnaire items and Person / Vacancy / Progress / Shift Progress statuses to be set on web flags on Person / Vacancy / Progress / Shift Progress statuses support / Placement Their Ref added to terminology Switchable views for Person & Company. views can be named and activated in Maintenance | General Settings | Switchable Views. View & Edit rights granted to users in Maintenance | Users | Roles Progress States maintenance dept selection in person now respects the persons registered depts (helps call centres who now won't get stuck trying to answer compulsory questions in depts the person isn't registered with) delay between popup escalations list on Person form Cascade history on Vacancy form transfer viewer in Database Diagnostics selector on F11 (can be used by hand or with barcode scanner), finds Provisional / Completed timesheets by Ext Number / Serial Number and launches ts completion wizard or ts form as appropriate Person / Vacancy / Progress / Shift Progress statuses colour coded of outstanding P45 requests on Accounts menu. Pop-up notification to designated user in General Settings | Temps of new requests. of shift dates shown on Person & Vacancy timesheet views Timesheet numbering available by TempDesk see Maintenance | Temps | Temp Desks shift deletion issue fixed - deletes if it can, tells you if it can't shifts division visibility bug fixed added to tempshift progress history tables in database update</ifauth> temporary table for easier reporting restrictions. Always contains the allowed divisionids plus an empty string so can use e.g. Isnull(person.divisionid,'') in (select divisionid from DivisionsAllowed)'Remember Last Statement' database property set in database update progress tables and fields added to database analysis user and time stamping colour legend proxy button in person form shifts state bug fixed (confirm states obey the temp must confirm and client must confirm fields in the plan, taken from the template)

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