Release 2.19.6


  • If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.
  • If you want to enquire into a Feature please contact IQX with the JIRA reference
JIRA Feature / Change Developer
IQ-580Chromium-based within DelphiMS
IQ-622Company Contacts new switch to filter by person stateJB
IQ-667Temp Desk -Temps view - Contract Placements viewing - can day show according to Working PatternMS
IQ-802Make mailchimp integration controls separable by divisionJB
IQ-823Add a list of acceptable file formats to Document Types to limit what can be saved to a TypeSB
IQ-848User right to assign restrict consultants from editing the state if a candidate JB
IQ-850Analysis CodeJB
IQ-877Review Help buttons with missing or static textJW
IQ-982Extending File Viewers deleting Blobstore Temp files - extension of IQ-978SB
IQ-1017 .When deleting a Prov Timesheet that has an image attached - offer to resave image in main folder.SB
IQ-1048Switchable reference request JB
IQ-1061Template with tick boxes JB
IQ-1064Notifications - Add process for Arrange - between Query and ConfirmMS
IQ-1067Add unique constraint on temptimesheetlineSB
IQ-1068ja-231 for Barker Ross: Changes to Mail Merge Subscribed/UnsubscribedJB
IQ-1069Switch for Client Contact Marketing DefaultJB
IQ-1070Questionnaire Filter JB
IQ-1071No Custom Mailmerge fields for TempShift/tempshiftplan……JB
IQ-1072Replace unnecessary !IfSQL with string substitutions where just testing values of constantsSB
IQ-1074Filter on IQXWeb User Record Rights viewJB
IQ-1084Temp Desk Compliance - Description parsing change to be more efficient of spaceMS
IQ-1092Widen Outlook Bar (and overall form) on main WPK Forms that have Multi-Line View names JB
IQ-1096branch images allow none BMPs to be loaded which then cause IQX not to loadJB
IQ-1099Images taken from phone cameras save in IQX at a specific rotationJB
IQ-1112Make prov timesheet and etimesheet colour consistentJB
IQ-1116Support PNG (& or JPEG) for IQX Background ImagesJB
IQ-1117Reducing numbers of SQL Queries at IQX Load TimeSB
IQ-1118Changing the order in the allocation screen causes an error 'Incomplete allocation of document'JB
IQ-1119Warning if making a CE on Company form that no Contact selectedJB
IQ-1120Changing email in CE on Reference Request from Candidate to RefereeJB
IQ-1122Add maintenance of SoftWizardController db func to wpk (IQX Hub menu)MS
IQ-1123Copy Shifts - add a button to ignore Unfilled shiftsJB
IQ-1125Person Form Switches - review inc move date arithmetic to pre-open script SB
IQ-1126New style filtersJB
IQ-1127Warning if Critical Hub(s) not Running SB
IQ-1129Unable to send texts from temp desk processing to unsubscribed candidatesJB
IQ-1130Look at optimising the fetching of Unavailability Types on TempDesk Temps viewMS
IQ-1133IQXNetUserLink controlJB
IQ-1136Only Word 2010 plus will be supported from 2.19.6 onwardsVS
IQ-1142Vacancy Copy ShortList - Improvement - replace vacancycopyshortlist with non-tranactional temporary tableJB
IQ-1143Wizard to Set-Up Profiles and Users to Support IQXHub Web ServicesSB
IQ-1144Solve Chinese Text Problem with ReportBuilderJB
IQ-1145Prov Timesheet - Add User switch for Hide Provisional Timesheet QuestionnaireJB
IQ-1146Deleting Broadbean advert brings up errorJB
IQ-1147Deleting a document template needs to delete where used in overridesSB
IQ-1150Broadbean Hybrid - switch to hide candidates tabJB
IQ-1152Check procedures for remaining undefined IN / OUT parametersSB
IQ-1155SQL when pressing process company on person→history viewJB
IQ-1159Audit changes to Person PhotoSB
IQ-1160issue with group invoiceSB
IQ-1162Add formatselfbilladdress SB functionSB
IQ-1163Sec Agency Person record - the default Tax Method needs to be 2 and HMRC letter F - switchableJB
IQ-1164TempDesk Temps - New to Agency - further refinementSB
IQ-1165Further Self Bill refinementsSB
IQ-1167Improve Selfbill Deleting auditing AND new fields re bankSB
IQ-1168Provisional Timesheet Display ProblemsJB
IQ-1173Making Nominal Codes Defunct - Catch 22 if User set to LeftJB
IQ-1175Additional Diagnostics View to Show Details of the Database Server Machine.SB
IQ-1176Print Invoice, change of email address not audited.JB
IQ-1178program not working message on exit of iqx.JB
IQ-1179Length of email address field when sending an emailJB
IQ-1182Add 'password' to IQX Web Settings→General Setting notes fieldJB
IQ-1184Open/Save Dialog boxes display in old format when themes enabled.JB
IQ-1187Database Diagnostics, Batch Transfers - defaults to All but never shows results for AllJB
IQ-1189Access Violation when looking up data, and running display resolution of 125% or greaterJB
IQ-1190Add to Subsidy a table for Types to replace DescriptionJB
IQ-1192Notifications - error message when all fields not completedJB
IQ-1194Self Bill - add video buttons to Maintain Supllier Code settings - ExpandedSB
IQ-1195Increase width of invoice timesheet formsJB
IQ-1196Improve smtp error handlingJB
IQ-1197Change branch images to allow PNG/JPGJB
IQ-1200Notepad++ switch moving to the ini fileJB
IQ-1201Can't double click to expand a DivisionSB
IQ-1202Person timesheets sort order requires an order by period.JB
IQ-1213Internal browser form available with openform command so can be directly invoked from wpk, jobs etc.MS
IQ-1218Issue with hyper links and OPENFORM web service and spacesMS
IQ-1222Candidate thumbnail not updating once initial photo is setJB
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