Release 2.19.4


  • If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.
  • If you want to enquire into a Feature please contact IQX with the JIRA reference
JIRA Feature / Change Developer
IQ-1013 .Reports - Locate problemsJB
IQ-1019Bulk CV import is not checking for duplicates - can it do so?JB
IQ-1020Extend Quick Lookup to Company SelectorSB
IQ-1022Barker Ross - Contact event roles visible outwith Combo box access level JB
IQ-1025Audit when an IQXWebLink is madeJB
IQ-1026Duplicate Record check for New Person shows more than one instance of the possible duplicateJB
IQ-1043Filter on Desktop viewsJB
IQ-1045Audit Changes to Composite CompaniesJB
IQ-1057Search Field in Search Criteria BoxMS
IQ-1066Custom Grid columns error on views with union in the from clauseMS
IQ-1075Desktop Icon - fuzzy on VHS desktop ET
IQ-1077Placement Rates Audit not workingJB
IQ-1078Rename IQXWeb Settings, Settings to IQXWeb Settings, Profiles SB
IQ-1085In Team - If restricted access to other data Desk top In Team restriced but Users shows whole listJB
IQ-1088Add button to test SMTP Settings in Agency Setup (job supplied!)SB
IQ-1090Extra Person Staff Links Divisionalised new view on Person along with role to hideSB
IQ-1091Improved method of finding and using port number for local http server.MS
IQ-1093Review Unnecessary Use of Dynamic SwitchesSB
IQ-1095Adding from Compliance Documents - 4 types offered, only 2 workSB
IQ-1100Add NetCanUploadVacancy editable in Database Functions list.MS
IQ-1101New soft IQX maintainable function for filtering vacancies for export to job searchMS
IQ-1102Vacancy - Modify Screen adjustmentsJB
IQ-1103Person view - modify screen adjustmentJB
IQ-1104Company - Modify Screen AdjustmentsJB
IQ-1105Self Bill IssuesSB
IQ-1106Delphi Rio - WPK Descriptor / String Length Behaviour Change IssueMS
IQ-1107Delphi 10.3 display issues.JB
IQ-1108placement consultant picklist too restrictiveJB
IQ-1109Company States in Agency Setup, fixed states to be red, as in person statesJB
IQ-1110Delpi 10.3 Error Messages/Functionality IssuesJB
IQ-1111Cancel & Correct should not be allowed if LSMLinked as characters not accepted in Safe transferJB
IQ-1113placement→awrstates reference PlacementAWRStatesJB
IQ-1114New Send to Api button on GLOBALWEBSWITCHESJB
IQ-1115Add a field to CompanyAccount to VATReverseCharge for Construction rules on VAT chargingJB
IQ-1128Better Message on Placement Rates override re Secondary Agency SchemesJB
IQ-1131Fast New button doesn't carry out duplicate checkJB
IQ-1132Divisionalise Person StatesSB
IQ-1134main form background BMP not displaying (themes)JB
IQ-1135Themes - make a role to apply disable themes on UserJB
IQ-1137Missing Filter on maint→account setup→accountsJB
IQ-1139Broadbean change TLS levelJB
IQ-1140tempdesk→temp new agency checking for all shifts not just worked.JB
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