Release 2.19.2


  • If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.
  • If you want to enquire into a Feature please contact IQX with the JIRA reference
JIRA Feature / Change Developer
IQ-603 Image Linking Form - When selecting a division filter to temp desks in that divJB
IQ-626Process wizard - CascadingSB
IQ-732Start of Look and Feel as per advice from MartinJB
IQ-742Search result in IQX can be rendered as pins on a map.JW
IQ-785Mechanism for auto generating a thumbnail photo on first request, and saving for future useSB
IQ-810Table of Invoice lines and associated data for reporting, as per Pulse tableJB
IQ-869Source available as a field on Bulk CV ImportSB
IQ-876Add help button to Help AboutSB
IQ-922When adding an extra Payband to a provisional timesheet you can now select a shift to add it to.SB
IQ-927Ability to add a Reminder when Adding WithholdSB
IQ-974Wording change to Send Invoices pop-upJB
IQ-976Colours within progress states JB
IQ-977Default CorrectionFlag to 0 in timesheet and provSB
IQ-981Can the Support phone number please be changed on the error message?SB
IQ-983Database Diagnostics, Engine Details shows the wrong figure for licences in use with CPU Based Licences MS
IQ-985Compliance View on Temp Desk ImprovementsMS
IQ-988Switch to Force/not Force use of staff leaving wizardSB
IQ-990Availability entry - sql error (divisions)JB
IQ-991mailmerge not reporting (display only) number of records to mergeJB
IQ-993Add the ability to hide 'Compliance Questionnaire' tab on a vacancy JB
IQ-994Add JobRunner command to resize JPEG filesSB
IQ-996Sorting candidates in Copy Short List JB
IQ-999grid custom columnsJB
IQ-1000 .Bulk Shift Adding Their Ref to be switchable by Temp DeskJB
IQ-1002Correct Copyright statement in About Box - should be © 1998-2018 IQX LimitedJB
IQ-1003Closing the Active Database Connections with the Windows Close X button locks users out of the databaseSB
IQ-1004Error when sorting wpk grid when sort order is the column number not the column nameJB
IQ-1005Contact Event hiding Letter Text when should show (GDPR logic wrong)SB
IQ-1006Error when deleting a JobRunner Schedule GroupJB
IQ-1007Add Help buttons to JobRunner Schedule Groups etcSB
IQ-1010Switch to allow on registration Subscribed to be the default instead of UnsubscribedJB
IQ-1012Make deletion date, on adding a file, switchableJB
IQ-1014Mail Merge does not use consenthideperson functionSB
IQ-1015Add WebSockets Server and local HTTP Server status to About Box and provide WebSocket Port and LocalHTTP Port variablesSB
IQ-1018Defunct divisions/hiding dataJB
IQ-1024Stop ability to edit invoice numbers on Company, Accounts, AccountsSB
IQ-1027TS Query Reason “Unused Codes” button is mislabelledSB
IQ-1028Sort Out Documentation for Timesheet Query ManagementJW
IQ-1031SQL Anywhere tables used by text indices showing in sql tool browser.JB
IQ-1032Fix hard coded references to Company & Person Secondary Agency States in Delphi CodeSB
IQ-1034Add when and who entered to CascadeRuleSB
IQ-1035Vacancy, Shift Templates - hide defunct unless already tickedSB
IQ-1036Add Connection Number to Help, About boxSB
IQ-1037Person - Modify Screen to be set up for latest views - eg Compliance DomainsJB
IQ-1038WPK Maint, TEMPDESK, add sort expression to Division as using ID instead of nameJB
IQ-1039Switch to default payroll tax method to Ltd instead of PAYESB
IQ-1040Add buttons to wpkmaintain memos to export/import to/from Notepad++SB
IQ-1041Invoice Credit button no longer sets the associated TSs to Billed so reappear in Invoicing for double creditingSB
IQ-1042Field Error when trying to access page 2 of 4 on broadbean wizardJB
IQ-1044Confirm Screen - has hidden field revealed on right hand side - secagencyidSB
IQ-1046Multiple Fetching of WPKImages for Alternative Icon SetsJB
IQ-1047ComplianceValidForPlacement function: make use current date for expiry checks if vacancy.startdate<current dateMS
IQ-1049Improve speed of vacancy searchSB
IQ-1050Person > Progress view. Change sort order so that most recent Last Date at topJB
IQ-1051Switch to change the subject of CE on references JB
IQ-1052Switch for postcode distance multiplier percentage + function changeJW
IQ-1055If IQXWeb uses random password the message on resetting passwords needs to change as misleadingJB
IQ-1058DB Update improvementsSB
IQ-1059On Temp Desk, Vacancies a role to hide Add Vac button on shift deskJB
IQ-1060wpk CALLIQXWEBSERVICE(CONVERT_BOILERPLATETEXT) returns error not the converted textJB
IQ-1063Default Tax Method on Provisional TimesheetSB
IQ-1076Put wiki link into temp desk maintenance Help buttonJB
IQ-1079Temp Desk - Compliance view - filters as in the Expiry Dates viewJB
IQ-1080Maps button to call job to be added to Fill Shifts final page SB
IQ-1081word 'map' to be applied to Maps buttonsJB
IQ-1082TempDesk - Expiry Dates - State drop down - does not allow selection, always reverts to AllJB
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